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Morgellons, more fully known as Morgellons disease or Morgellons syndrome, is a bizarre condition characterized by various symptoms that affect the skin (called “cutaneous symptoms”). People suffering from Morgellons report biting, stinging, and crawling sensations underneath their skin (or on their skin). These symptoms can feel like thin worms crawling underneath one’s skin. People with Morgellons disease also report black threads or fibers on their skin, as well as on materials like clothing. Those afflicted with Morgellons sometimes experience additional skin problems, like rashes or sores. Although real to the afflicted individuals, Morgellons is regarded by the medical community as a delusional infestation. Despite extensive studies, those suffering from Morgellons were found to have no pathogenic infestations, and researchers believe that the symptoms of Morgellons are delusions. People suffering from Morgellons disease are therefore believed to be suffering from psychological problems or other common skin diseases, according to the medical community. Just the same, Morgellons isn’t perfectly understood, and some even remain convinced that the disease is not strictly psychological.

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Squirming Underneath the Skin: Could it be Morgellons?

In addition to a squirming underneath the skin or a feeling that thin worms are crawling underneath the skin, individuals with Morgellons Disease report black threadlike materials on the skin or black specks or materials on the clothing.