Small White Eggs Found in Garage

We recently received some wonderful photographs of almost-microscopic, white sacks that a reader discovered. He explained that he found them attached to a step ladder in his garage. He sent us several photographs, all from different distances and angles so that we are able to have a good idea of what exactly he found in his garage. Here is the first photograph:

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We believe that these small, white sacks are eggs of some sort. We believe that these might be Green Lacewing eggs. Green Lacewings are green insects with wings. They are nocturnal and feed on primarily pollen, nectar, honeydew, aphids, and some other small arthropods.  There are about 1,500 species of Lacewings, and most are quite common in Europe and North America. It is nearly impossible to determine the species of Lacewing by simply looking at the eggs, since most of the eggs are identical.
Adult female Lacewings lay their eggs during the night either individually or in small groups, and one female can lay up to 200 eggs. Each egg hangs from a slender stalk that is about 1 centimeter long. As soon as the eggs hatch, the larvae crawl up the stalk to begin eating. They are known to be aggressive predators especially towards soft-bodied prey such as aphids and caterpillars. Some gardeners even introduce Lacewings as pest control to manage the caterpillar populations among their crops.
While we are confident that we know what our reader has found in his garage, we aren’t so sure why the eggs have been lain there. Eggs are typically deposited on or near a food source so that the larvae can begin to eat as soon as they hatch. A step ladder is not proper food for any insect, so we aren’t sure why these eggs are here! All in all, we don’t think our reader needs to worry about these eggs.
In summary, one of our readers discovered some small, white eggs hanging from a step ladder in his garage. We are confident that these are Green Lacewing eggs.

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Small White Eggs Found in Garage
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Small White Eggs Found in Garage
One of our readers discovered some small, white eggs hanging from a step ladder in his garage. We are confident that these are Green Lacewing eggs.

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