How to Get Rid of Flat Worms in the Scalp

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Although flatworms are considered the simplest of all worm groups, there are roughly 20,000 species in this group and they can do serious harm to humans. Flatworms (Red Planaria) can be microscopic or several feet long. They are typically rust-colored and thin and they do not have a skeleton or formal respiratory system.

Flatworms are either free living or parasitic. Parasitic flatworms live off of another living thing, while free living flatworms live off of the earth or other environment. The most common type of parasitic flatworm in humans is the tapeworm. If left untreated, the tapeworm can reach up to three feet long and it can have as many as 90 segments.

Flatworms reproduce at an alarming rate because all the flatworm has to do to reproduce is split in two! There are no mating rituals and no eggs to hatch. When the flatworm splits, it immediately forms a new flatworm, and so on and so on, until you have thousands of flatworms in your system. This means that the flatworms will not only feed off of the contents of your intestines, they may feed off of different parts of your system. They might even migrate to the head area – even the scalp. There are many ways to determine if you have flatworms in your head or scalp, but the main detection method is by sight. Simply search the scalp and head area for worms. There are a number of physical symptoms to look out for as well. These include:

Loss of appetite
Abdominal discomfort
Eye pain
Protein deficiency
Mental dullness
Stomach bloating
Bloody stools

It is important to keep in mind that these symptoms are also common symptoms for many other diseases and conditions, so its best to consult a physician for an accurate diagnosis. A physician will test for parasites by searching the head and scalp area and by taking a feces sample. He will examine it for parasites and/or eggs. Fortunately, the vast majority of parasites can be eliminated by using some of the same techniques or by taking some of the same types of medications or antibiotics.

Parasites can be eliminated from the body through the use of colon cleansers and/or colonics, by taking several rounds of antibiotics or medications as prescribed by a physician or by using a number of different herbal or natural remedies. It’s best to consult an herbalist for the very best herbal remedies to get rid of flatworms in the intestines and scalp. But if you want to find a remedy on your own, there are several popular (and effective) remedies consisting of the following combinations of herbs and ingredients:

Black walnut leaves, wormwood, quassia, cloves, male fern
Capsicum, wormwood, sage
Cramp bark, pumpkin seed, capsicum, thyme, garlic
Black walnut, pine needles, sassafras

In general, herbal remedies should be taken orally for a minimum of two weeks. Topical treatments typically come in the form of shampoos and sprays that contain the following active ingredients:

Piperonyl Butoxide

It is important to note that some of these ingredients are considered poisonous in high concentrations, so they are banned in certain states. Please consult your physician for an accurate diagnosis and treatment path.

Some individuals may complain of re-infection, so it is very important to change your eating habits immediately – even if you only see flatworms in the scalp. Chances are, they are also in your system. It’s best not to go back to your regular eating habits in order to prevent re-infection. Certain foods, spices, and beverages might help to ward off parasite infections or to keep you from becoming infected through food or water sources. These include:

Cranberry juice
High-fiber foods
Pumpkin seeds
Apple cider vinegar
Bottled or distilled water
Thoroughly cooked meats and seafood
Organic fruits and vegetables, washed thoroughly

Avoid the following foods and activities if at all possible:

Undercooked meats
Refined carbohydrates
Swimming in lakes, rivers, an streams
Using the microwave to cook meats

And finally, never underestimate the power of clean hands! You should always wash your hands thoroughly after using the bathroom whether it is in your home or in a public place. In addition, wash kitchen utensils and countertops with hot soapy water after each use and wear gloves when changing your cats litter box or cleaning up after your pets.


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15 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Flat Worms in the Scalp

  1. hi Mande,
    stop with the rubbing alcohol, look up hulda clarke, it is said to attract fluke worms to the liver, ive seen other accounts of this online. use triple distilled vodka
    ?? look up dr robert cassar, never touch the rubbing alcohol stuff

  2. I first noticed a worm on my scalp after taking Ivermectin. I was prescribed Ivermectin for head lice. The physician said it would “kill them from the inside out”. Ha! Right?! And I thought it was bad having a few stray lice on my scalp. Well, that was nothing compared to seeing a worm, and a worm that when I had it on my finger it litterally was burrowing, melting into my skin.. I put some left over Spinosad on it, but obviously it wasn’t the only worm on my head as tonight I felt yet another one. . And when I tried to tell the dermatologist I got as far as the battle with lice before the jerk told me that I hadn’t had lice that I had Shingles.. So I guess the louse that I had shown my husband must have been imagined not only by me but my husband saw it, too. The Ivermectin seemed to make the 6 to 10 lice populate like wild fire. They would die but then another batch of 100 or so would hatch and then die after about an hour. . As for the worms, I think I may have caught a tape worm 2 years ago that I caught from my Golden Retriever who had caught worms from the vet’s office.. I had tried to tell my doctor at the time that I felt I had an intestinal parasite and he just looked at me, a person who is always clean and fresh like it was impossible for a clean person like me to catch an intestinal parasite. So, I think the Ivermectin treatment for the lice triggered the intestinal parasite and so out of a small hole in my head there was a worm.. I so far use lots of rubbing alcohol, Ivarest and Zapzit to keep them at bay. Sure pray I can find an intelligent doctor who actually believes in curing their patient. So far, I just seem to get the doctor who got a license by having someone else take the exam for him.. Not the good doctor who actually became a doctor to help people. I just get the guy who is in it to make big dollars.. it is too bad.

  3. Dermatologist helped me w treatment for bacteria ? and I used gum spirits w sugar on a spoon on the wounds which helped me to get the blood suckers to eat the turpentine haha…they are pesky cuz they don’t lay eggs I think they just mutate gross right so u have to kill them all to last one completely….I will be internally taking the gum spirits w sugar once I’m off the cephaledin and for the scalp the doc gave me mometastone furdate – ivermectin didn’t work and clove oil frankincense plus cedar wood oil all the teas the d earth food grade cloves etc teas white pine needle etc…I did it all I mean even borax all helped a lil to weaken the parasites ? but garlic ? helps fyi I started fermenting garlic so I can diet after this on that largely too! Good luck ? everyone! dunno ???? if there is a PCR test Q tip dipped in parasites ? any thoughts as I got a huge bump right after being punctured w a bloody Q tip…this Covid BS and I think parasites are in all kinds of vaccines etc…imo….I think parasites are the cause of many man made viruses1. You can order gum spirits off eBay…do not use turpentine in stores! The gum spirits is natural w out the other chemicals….do your own research ? and when in doubt consult your doctor etc….I’m just giving my experience and I’m at last seeing success….it’s so bad I lost a lot of hair and had to cut my long beautiful thick hair above my shoulders to manage the treatments! I still think it’s the PCR test Q tip was bloody and caused a cyst that somehow was filled w parasites…wormy gross ? ? parasites! A bio weapon imo! You can email me if you would like cuz I want to help all I can cuz I think this can cause serious side effects like stroke heart attacks etc… [email protected] ps; I’m no doctor this is my first hand knowledge from what I went through and I am experiencing: I am fighting for my life!

  4. Hi there
    I seem to have worm type things moving in my scalp and they they either suck/feed or breath on the back of my neck. I notice tiny sharp pain like a needle. I have taken to putting tiger balm on when I feel the sharp pain and they wriggle and die I think. It seems to be worst at night and I am very fatigued and finding it difficult to work. I have seen two doctors, but they both though it was nerve pain and prescribed medication for that. My main doctor is getting a blood test, but when I quizzed her she said it will not be a test for worm etc. I’m not sure where to turn. Can you help provide an idea of what it could be and I will insist the doctor tests for it.
    So appreciated your support.

  5. I’ve been taking food grade diatomaceous earth for five days now.
    It has stopped my chronic heartburn, greatly improved my tinnitus, and I’ve added it to body wash n shampoo which is slowly helping with this stuff crawling all over me. It seems to be a mite. In scalp hair n on scalp, all over my face, torso both front and back, crotch area is crawling with them and they e burrowed in my skin, my butt crack is a cracking open bleeding itching, crawling mess and nothing seems to be working.

    I was prescribed yeast meds and ointment three times which didn’t help. I took five boxes of Reese’s Pinworm Meds, albendazole twice, Ivermectin three times and I still have this mess with no improvement.

    I’ve been to nurse practitioner that prescribed the above meds and then sent me to an eye specialist as eyes were burning itching mess and I could see in pictures of my eyes tiny white worms crawling.

    I was then sent to dermatologist to ho took one biopsy of my butt crack n did not do skin scraping as was promised. Test came back not pinworms n not yeast, was then told it was contact dermatitis but could not tell me wtf I came in contact with.

    The stuff was still crawling out my butt and I was horribly constipated. No stool samples, no urine samples, no blood samples were taken. Then off to colon specialist who told me to put my phone down n stop taking pictures of my butt, it was contact dermatitis.

    Nurse practitioner put in my chart that I was depressed … really? What would I have to be depressed about? Could it be the so smart doctors that keep telling me I’m seeing things that aren’t there, that are clearly documented in my pictures n short videos?

    I’ve mixed non food grade diatomaceous earth with various oils to form a thick paste which pulls them little white worm looking crawling thAngs off my face, butt crack, crotch, etc but they crawl right out a hair on my head and my crotch n out a my anus right back all over my body AGAIN in less than eight hours I’m a mess again.

    I think I need to see an infectious disease specialist but I dare not ask nurse practitioner as she feels I’m paranoid n delusional.

    No one seems to give a flip or care enough to take the time to watch my 20 second videos I’ve made since August last year. Colon specialist said it was light reflections in my pictures of poop in the toilet.

    I’ve pulled them out of my nose n ears with Q-tip, coughed them up, blown them out my nose and they are in my urine and poop and all is documented in time n date stamped photos.

    Veterinarian said one picture was a round worm. But agreed that it was yeast infection as he distanced his self from me.

  6. I have been battling what u thought was head lice for 1 year now. Once I scratched off 2 pods that worms were coming out of. I have all kinds of things from centipede looking things to blobs to yellow worm looking things. Small black strands as well. I feel like I am going nuts. I am a nurse and afraid to go to md will think I am crazy although I have saved all stuff from my head the past week.

  7. Can someone with experience with this please email me. I have been trying to treat this with no help from the doctors thinking at one point I was just loosing my mind. I have had the best luck with using essential oils killing many of these, and at one point had one emerge from the back of my neck as if trying to get out of the skin during the night after treating with the oil. I have used many oils but I found a combination of tea tree, oregano, neem oil with rubbing alcohol and water to dilute to be the most effective. I have pictures of a very large I believe worm with multiple segments that came off my scalp and left an indented track into my skull! I also suffered many lesions and could see red lines under my scalp in several areas all with picture documentation. I was called delusional and offered no help, and have no past mental health history (besides normal depression and a bit of anxiety, heightened by this of course) I still have nearly constant headaches and can feel what seems like moving under scalp. I am desperate for help anyone please. [email protected] all help is much appreciated even if to just talk about our experiences.

  8. I have the same problem…I have been working on it. And success…but very slowly.i do drink clorophill
    And olivo tea with blue tree
    And tree tea
    I do check my self with a doctor and he doesn’t understand mi
    So I have been reading for yrs and almost get rid of that annoying what ever it is things that live under my skin I guess we all have that cause I see shine lil dust flying around the day lights and in the sun light moth dust …and the cost sad part is that seems. Like no body care or know about it that moth dust it is every where even in new clothes…we all must get together and fix this issue..for good it is maybe. Possible that that dust moth it is helping corona virus to move around….and. Travel. Cause people have that dust moth even In the saliva….

  9. Forgot..meant to tell you old fashioned “hairpin” shapes must be my own hair. You can see them under my scalp, as I’m bald, but friends felt them under scalp as they feel like wires. “Snake/worms” usually on right side of head. There’s a large visible bump there. At times my scalp swells so much there, I have to use an ice gel pack. Thank the Lord I take pain meds for a spinal problem, this is so painful, especially when it swells!! My derm drs in IA City..when feeling my scalp said “Oh, you poor thing!” I should have been seen by dr when the flat poofy worm showed up in the beginning. I didn’t know you could get a worm under the scalp & I thought the dr would think I was delusional. Again, please please help!!

  10. Please help! Had trouble with scalp for 8 or 9 years. Started with small scab like on scalp. Now I’ve got what feels like snakes moving under scalp!! Previously it’s been different’s hair under scalp forming tube like structures with small poof of hair and old fashioned hair pins inside tube. Very painful & uniform under/inside scalp. Can feel & drs. also witnessed. A yr or so ago had soft, squishy worm like under scalp. Eventually went away. Now I’m dealing with this ..snake/worms. don’t think it’s ever gone away as it’s much larger now (worm/snake). Drs. at Iowa City dermatologist’s gave me pills to help sense of movement under scalp..did not help. It’s very active at night. Interferes with sleep. I don’t get “shapes” any more..but now this great big snake/worm(s). I’ve cut many times when it pulls at SLIDES AROUND in scalp now I’ve terrible headaches! Prior to this rarely had headaches. CAN U PLEASE HELP ME??? So grateful.

  11. Karen. I have found the same in my scalp and face. It started in the summer of 2018. I have been using a combo of wormwood,been,and tea tree oil. And I added equal parts to a base carrier oil vitamin E. It killed many in my scalp but it made them move. Bad headache. Going to take internal with colonic tea. I will give results whenever I know more

  12. I’ve had a scalp condition for years. I suspect a parasite. I’ve seen translucent worms I’ve had build up itching. And small curld white worms.tried everything .

  13. Ive got something on my scalp. My hair coated with substance. Gooey when wet.any help with yours. Have other symptoms. I suspect a parasite.

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