Black Worms Inhabit Outdoor Flag

One of our readers discovered some black worm-like organisms on her outdoor flag. She thinks they could be eating the cloth. She wonders what they are and how to get rid of them. Her husband already tried spraying bug spray on them.

black insects

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The creatures are black, and in the picture shown above the title, we notice that they appear to have appendages protruding from their bodies. These could be wings, hair, legs, or a combination of all three. In the second photograph, in addition to the three specimens, there are also  dozens of tiny black spheres. We think these might be eggs. Our reader didn’t mention them in her description, but we assume they are related to the creatures.

We aren’t sure what these flag-eating specimens are. We think they could be carpet beetle larvae, but the black spheres throw us off. Carpet beetle larvae typically lay white eggs. If these are indeed carpet beetle larvae, our reader is lucky they are on an outdoor flag, and not inside her home. When they infest a home, carpet beetle larvae have the potential to destroy couches, linens, and other animal products.

As far as dealing with this situation, we have a few suggestions. Based on the photograph that shows the eggs, it looks like these creatures have really made a home on the flag. If the flag isn’t a family heirloom or a rare item, and it is possible to purchase a new one, we recommend she simply dispose of the infested flag and buy a new one. We know this is a hassle, but the creatures may have already done irreversible damage. She can also brush off the insects and eggs using a broom, and then either have the flag professionally cleaned or throw it in the wash. Since we don’t know for sure what type of creature she is dealing with, we don’t know the best way to get rid of them.

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To wrap up, one of our readers has a flag that has been infested by some black worm-like organisms. We aren’t sure what these creatures are, but we encourage our reader to invest in a new flag.

Article Name
Black Worms Inhabit Outdoor Flag
One of our readers has a flag that has been infested by some black worm-like organisms. We aren't sure what these creatures are, but we encourage our reader to invest in a new flag.

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

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  1. What kind of worm it is and how to get rid of it?

    I can share pictures if I get an option.. I am dealing with 50 worms a day and I am from India -Hyderabad.

    Please help

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