Small White Worm with Brown Head

A reader just sent us a photo on our Facebook page and requested the identification of the creature in it. The picture features a very small worm-like organism with a white body and brown head. We don’t have any information about its behaviors or where it was seen.

We aren’t positive what this creature is, but we have eliminated it down to two possibilities.

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Our first thought is that this specimen is a grub, which is another word for beetle larva. Grubs live in the soil and eat plant roots. They can cause significant damage to trees and shrubs. While grubs have a white body and brown head, they are often much fatter than the creature featured in the photograph. Perhaps this grub is just very young and hasn’t eaten very much yet?

Our second idea is that this is pantry moth larva. These pests are often found in places where dried goods are stored, like in a pantry or kitchen cabinet. Like grubs, they also have a creamy-white body and a brown head. Since pantry moth larvae are more similar in size and shape to the critter in the picture, we lean towards this possibility. Knowing the location that this larva was found in would be very assistive in identifying it.

To sum up, a reader sent us a photo of a specimen with a white body and a brown head. We believe this is either a grub or pantry moth larva.

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Small White Worm with Brown Head
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Small White Worm with Brown Head

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