Tiny Black Worms on the Carpet

black larva with red head
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A reader wrote to us recently about some tiny black worms he has found on the carpet in his house. So far, the reader has found about five of the tiny black worms, and they have been spread across two different rooms of the house, both of which are carpeted. The worms appear to be “solid black,” except for their heads, which are a “reddish, brownish” color. The worms also have “tiny hair-like legs.” The reader has several questions about these black-bodied, red-headed worms with legs: where are they coming from? Are they going to grow and multiply? Are they poisonous or harmful? What is the best way to get rid of them? Before concerning ourselves with these questions, though, we must first try to figure out what the tiny black worms are.

To begin, here is a picture that the reader submitted along with his question:

black larva with red head

When we receive questions about larvae on carpets, we immediately think of carpet beetle larvae, which is by far the most common household pest we write about. However, the reader specifically said he didn’t think he found carpet beetle larvae, and he also added that he didn’t think he found inchworms either. (He mentioned these creatures in particular because he read about them on the website.) If he didn’t find carpet beetle larvae, the creatures most commonly found on carpet, what did he find?

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to say, and this is true even with the reader’s helpful description and clear photograph. We are confident he found some type of larvae (as opposed to a worm), but there are a staggering number of species of insect larvae – many hundreds of thousands – and a lot of them look quite similar. The differences between larvae are also very minute, and so while it is helpful to know that the larvae above have legs, for instance, many different types of larvae can be identified not on the basis of having legs alone, but rather on the specific features of those legs. Are they segmented thoracic legs, and does the larva have prolegs as well? Many other questions could be asked.

Despite the reader’s belief that he didn’t find a carpet beetle larvae, this is nevertheless what he might have found. Although they are generally a brown or tan color, carpet beetle larvae can be black, and their bodies aren’t always a uniform color, so it is possible to find a black carpet beetle larvae with a red head. We aren’t particularly confident in this answer, but we just wanted to indicate that it is a possibility. You don’t want to rule out the most common pest unless you are absolutely certain you didn’t find it. It also crossed our mind that our reader found black soldier fly larvae, one of the only other kinds of black larvae we know of that a person might find in their home (and even this is rare). However, the bodies of black soldier fly larvae are quite plump, so overall they don’t really look like the creature above.

Without being able to identify the larvae our reader found, it is of course difficult to answer his other questions. However, some of the advice we give in other articles on this site could be helpful. We have written an article about getting rid of carpet beetle larvae, for instance, and we have also discussed whether these larvae are dangerous (not particularly). What applies to these larvae applies to a lot of different larvae. Regardless of what type of larvae our reader found, some good vacuuming and cleaning is in order. The larvae are likely being drawn into the house to pursue a food source, and cleaning often removes this source. We should also note that most of the larvae you might find in your house won’t be harmful or poisonous. They can be pathogen vectors, and thus are worth getting rid of, but a few larvae around the house normally isn’t a serious threat.

We wish we could provide our reader with more precise information, but identifying worms and larvae is an enterprise that doesn’t lend itself to certainty. We wish our reader the best of luck in dealing with his situation, and hope he is able to get rid of the larvae smoothly and swiftly.


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Tiny Black Worms on the Carpet
Article Name
Tiny Black Worms on the Carpet
A reader wrote to us recently about some tiny black worms he has found on the carpet in his house.

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10 thoughts on “Tiny Black Worms on the Carpet

  1. First time ever (in my 57 years) to see these tiny fuzzy black worms/larvae (?) with orange/rust heads. They are appearing on our front (concrete) porch, outside only so far :/ …just rambling around. I posted on insect identification Facebook group but no answers so far. I checked out Soldier Beetles and the larvae are very similar but NOT the same. Still baffled in Southern Ohio River valley location.

  2. Hello I found one of these in my house and my daughter and I researched how to identify certain larvae in our science class today. We came to the conclusion that this is a soldier beetle larvae. Simply go to Google and type it in. You’ll find photos matching the creature in these photos.

  3. I caught one in a jar and looked at the bottom side. They have 3 sets of legs all sets being by the head. No legs in the middle or toward the rear. I have never seen anything like them before.
    I put a cheezit crumb in the jar and they were eating it.
    Would be nice to know what they are and how to get rid of them.

  4. I’m in Ohio. I have found a few outside too. I’ve noticed the ones in the house come out more at night. I don’t think they are carpet larvae either.

  5. I have them on my porch and now they are coming into the house! They bite! This is the only place I have found a pic that matches these worms and have no clue what they are, but they are not welcomed guests. I found one eating a dead fly. I am in KY. If anyone figures out what they are, I would love to know. Definitely not carpet beetles.

  6. Hey y’all. I k
    Just been bombarded with these dang thangs. They are nearly a hundred out side and prally twenty five or more have made there way in. I have time floor and they stick out like crazy and freak me out. I’ve never seen them either. I hope they ain’t no dang centipede or milipede babies. Any how I have no clue what they are. This is the only picture I’ve found of them. I was wonder in what state y’all are in. I’m in va.

  7. I have these black worms on my carpet but have found no larvae of any kind. Some worms are very small but the biggest I have seen is 2 inches long. I have seen as many as 30 in one room. I pick them up with a tissue and they are very hard to kill.

  8. I found one of these IN MY BED last night!!! It looks exactly like the pic this reader sent in with the black body, little red head and fine furry like legs. Before I could get something to pick it up with, I kept my eye on it the whole time and it moves like an inchworm. We live in an end unit townhouse and just moved in about a month ago and this is the first one I’ve seen, never saw one before in all my 46 yrs of life!! Being that it was in my bed freaks me out…I’m a deep sleeper and am scared now that another one can come and maybe crawl in my mouth, ear, nose, etc and just don’t know what to think!!! HELP!!

  9. I have these worms/ Catapillar all over the ground outside. I haven’t seen any in my house, some make in to the garage.

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