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tiny worm in tub

Are Tiny Worms Drain Fly Larvae?

A reader recently sent us some photos of worms he found in his bathtub. He wrote, "I believe they may be drain worms. I think there might be eggs around too. Your input would be great." Continue reading [...]
larvae in bathtub

Small, Brown Larvae in the Bathtub

A reader wrote to us recently about "a light brown worm-like creature in the bath tub." We are basically certain the worm-like creature is a larva (or actually larvae since he found several), so we'll stick with that usage throughout. The larvae have only been found inside the bath, and they are only observed on occasion (i.e., not every day). The larvae are segmented, and they appear to have antennae and hair on their body. What is our reader finding in his bathtub? Continue reading [...]
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