Reader Finds Dark Grey Worm in Toilet

One of our readers reached out to us because she discovered a worm in her toilet. She explained that she found the worm after she urinated, but isn’t sure if the worm was in the toilet before she used it or not. She is hoping that we can confirm that this worm is not a parasite that came from her. She said that earlier in the morning she did have a migraine as well as nausea and dizziness. She felt better in the afternoon and she discovered the worm in question later in the evening. Here is the photo she shared with us:

In addition to the photo, she provided us with a description of the specimen. It is dark grey and about an inch and a half long. She also said “its head reminded me of the shape of a snake’s head and it has a rounded tail.” She didn’t notice any stripes or tentacles on the worm. After taking a photo of the specimen she flushed it down the toilet because she was feeling a little freaked out.

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We don’t believe this is a parasite that came from our reader, but we don’t have the medical background or expertise to confidently confirm this. Since our reader did mention she was experiencing some odd symptoms (dizziness, migraine, nausea) we think it would be wise for her to go to a doctor. While we don’t think this worm resembles any parasites we are familiar with, there are parasites that we have never heard of, and we think our reader should go see a medical professional to be on the safe side!

If this is not a parasite, which we don’t think it is, then what is it? We aren’t entirely sure. Worms end up in toilets on a fairly regular basis, but the worms that are discovered in toilets are usually drain fly larvae, bloodworms, or earthworms. The worm in question doesn’t resemble a bloodworm or earthworm (both are red, skinny, and long), and appears to be too big to be a drain fly larvae. If any of our readers have ideas about the identity of this worm, we invite them to comment on this post!

In conclusion, one of our readers found a grey worm in her toilet. We don’t think it is a parasite, but we think she should get checked out by a doctor just in case because she was experiencing symptoms.

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Reader Finds Dark Grey Worm in Toilet
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Reader Finds Dark Grey Worm in Toilet
A reader found a grey worm in her toilet. We don't think it is a parasite, but we think she should get checked out by a doctor just in case because she was experiencing symptoms.

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