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Small Worms with Stripes and a Black Head

The title of this article – “Small Worms with Stripes and a Black Head” – is the type of description we might have expected to accompany the picture recently submitted to us by a reader. Instead, we were sent only the picture, which does in fact depict two small, striped worms with black heads. We’ve been sent some direct questions before – like a mere “what is this?” that accompanies a picture – and we’ve also been sent emails that seemingly seek information, even though no question is asked. This recent submission, however, is the first to blend these two styles, offering us only a picture with no accompanying question (or any other text, for that matter). This puts us in a peculiar position: did the reader merely want us to observe the picture for no particular reason, or did he want us to provide some information? We’ve assumed the latter, and so we are here to ponder what the small worm with stripes and a black head might be.