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Founded in 1985, Worm’s Way sells earth friendly gardening products for both indoor and outdoor gardens. The Worm’s Way home office is located in Bloomington, Indiana, but the company operates stores in Erlanger, Kentucky; Tampa, Florida; St. Louis, Missouri; Sutton, Massachusetts, and Goodlettsville, Tennessee. Worm’s Way also has a wholesale division known as BWGS and California-based BWGS West. The company has 90 employees between its six locations.

Worm’s Way sells its own line of quality gardening products listed under the Sunleaves Garden Products label as well as products in all categories ranging from A-Z. A Worm’s Way sells:

Drip irrigation
Environmental Control
Pest and Disease Control
Soil Builders
Garden Lighting
Portable Garden Rooms
Media and Containers (including containers for composting)
Books and Discs
Shirts and Gifts

Worm’s Way products can be purchased at Worm’s Way stores, online, or through the WW electronic catalog. The store also offers a physical catalog if you want your very own copy. You can request a catalog online. If you prefer to shop online, the website has lots of offerings in the way of advice, features, links, and more. The site has a “Ask Dr. Worm” section as well as articles, calculators and widgets, feeding schedules (.pdf format), a searchable gardening links page, and “The Way” Archives.

To begin browsing through Worm’s Way information and offerings, click the following link: http://www.awormsway.com. Enjoy!

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