Worms on Ceiling are Larvae

One of our readers recently sent us a brief message and a photo. She asked us if we are familiar with the “small, black, vertical moving worms” she discovered in her home. She found the worms in this photograph on the ceiling, but she sometimes sees them on her bed as well. She wants to know how to get rid of these specimens.

To answer our reader’s first question, we are indeed familiar with these small, black creatures! In fact, we have written several articles featuring photographs very similar to this one: hundreds of small, black worm-like organisms gathered on a wall or ceiling. So, what are these critters that our reader has found? We believe these are not actually worms, but larvae! To be more specific, we think our reader has discovered moth fly larvae.

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Moth fly larvae are extremley common and readers discover them all of the time around their homes. These tiny larvae feed on decaying matter. Adult moths lay their eggs on the surface of the food source for their larvae, so that when the eggs hatch the larvae can begin eating immediately without having to search for food. It is possible that another bug was killed against this spot on the ceiling, and the bug’s remains are serving as a food source for these larvae. We recommend that our reader thoroughly clean her ceiling to eliminate any other potential food sources for these larvae. While their presence on the ceiling isn’t ideal, these larvae are harmless!

In summary, one of our readers discovered hundreds of small, black worm-like organisms on her ceiling. We are confident that she has found moth fly larvae!

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Worms on Ceiling are Larvae
Article Name
Worms on Ceiling are Larvae
One of our readers discovered hundreds of small, black worm-like organisms on her ceiling. We are confident that she has found moth fly larvae!

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

1 thought on “Worms on Ceiling are Larvae

  1. Whoever Dori Franklin is, they need to learn the difference between moths and moth flies (aka drain flies, family Psychodidae). That’s probably a bunch of freshly hatched caterpillars from one of the types of moth that covers their eggs with a layer of hairs, such as a fall armyworm.

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