Worms in Toilet are Drain Fly Larvae

A reader found a mysterious worm-like creature in his toilet on three different occasions. He explained that he was eating pumpkin and squash blooms the first time he noticed a worm. He isn’t sure if the specimen might have come from the food. He also mentioned that he has been having some digestive issues, and isn’t sure if his discomfort could be related to the worms. He scooped one of the worms out in order to take some photos of it:

Although the picture is a little blurry, we believe this is a drain fly larvae. Drain fly larvae often appear transparent with a black stripe running down their back. They have a black retractable head and a dark breathing tube. We are confident that this is a match for what our reader has been finding in his toilet:

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It is just not the appearance of this larva that has us convinced it is a drain fly larva. A toilet is very suitable home for a drain fly larva. These larvae feed on decaying organic matter, which there is plenty of in a dirty toilet! In order to get rid of these larvae, our reader needs to scrub out his toilet bowl. He should use a cleaning agent that targets organic matter and be sure to scrub thoroughly! Adult drain flies lay their eggs in the organic matter, and then the larvae feed on it. So, if our reader is able to get rid of all of the build up, he will successfully eliminate the breeding spot and feeding source, thus solving his “worm” problem!

In conclusion, one of our readers discovered some worms in his toilet bowl. We are confident these are drain fly larvae! However, he did mention he was worried they might be linked to his recent digestive issues. We don’t believe they are, but we are not medical professionals and can’t offer medical advice! So, if he is concerned about his health we encourage him to see a doctor.

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Worms in Toilet are Drain fly Larvae
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Worms in Toilet are Drain fly Larvae
One of our readers discovered some worms in his toilet bowl. We are confident these are drain fly larvae!

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