Worms in the Home in South Florida

One of our readers from South Florida emailed us about finding 10 worms in her home. She wants to know what they are and how to get rid of them. Unfortunately, she did not include a picture and we are not aware of their color or if they have any texture or tentacles.

There are quite a few possibilities that our reader could have in her home. With this being such a general question, it is very difficult for us to speculate, but there are quite a few different types of worms that will come into the home in the Florida area.

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One possibility could be the yellow-banded millipede. This is about an inch to 2 inches long and is yellow and olive green in color. They tend to occupy the areas of Miami, Key West, and Dade County.


Another possibility for our reader is the Plaster Bagworm. These worms are gray in color and grow up to an inch in length. They thrive in humidity and places like Central and South Florida are the perfect climate for them. They are usually found on bookcases, chairs, and other furniture.

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In summary, our reader found about 10 worms in her South Florida home. She is curious what type they are and how she can get rid of them. We do not have a picture of these worms so it is very difficult for us to determine what type of worm they are. We do invite our reader to give us more details on where she found them in the house and perhaps sending us a picture. As of now, we are unable to make a solid identification.

Worms in the Home in South Florida
Article Name
Worms in the Home in South Florida
One of our readers from South Florida emailed us about finding 10 worms in her home.

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