Worms in Kitchen Cabinets are Actually Larvae


The photo shows a very small copper-colored creature. It is shaped like a seed, and has little hairs sticking out from all of its sides. Based on the photograph, we believe that these are carpet beetle larvae. We often get questions about carpet beetle larvae because our readers often discover them in their homes.

Carpet beetle larvae feed on lint, dust, and animal hairs. They can be quite destructive to clothing and upholstered furniture. If our reader found them in her cabinets perhaps they are feeding on dishtowels. In order to get rid of the larvae, our reader will need to do some deep cleaning. Vacuuming very thoroughly is necessary to eliminate any potential food sources for these larvae. In addition to basic cleaning and vacuuming, our reader should make sure all the linens and towels in the house are used and washed regularly. Finally, dry cleaning any clothing that might have been damaged by carpet beetle larvae will keep them from coming back. Getting rid of carpet beetle larvae can be difficult, and if our reader feels overwhelmed we encourage her to reach out to a professional to help with the situation

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To conclude, our reader discovered carpet beetle larvae in her home. We hope she is able to say goodbye to these creatures soon!

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Worms in Kitchen Cabinets are Actually Larvae
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Worms in Kitchen Cabinets are Actually Larvae
We recently received a question from a reader who is finding little worm-like organisms in her kitchen cabinets and bathroom floors. She hopes we can identify them and assist her in getting rid of them.

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