“Worms” in Bed are Carpet Beetle Larvae

One of our readers found these organisms between two beds that had been pushed together:

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She looked at our site and came to the conclusion that these creatures have a strong resemblance to carpet beetle larvae. We heard where they were found (around a mattress) and saw the photograph and instantly agreed with our reader: These are carpet beetle larvae!

Carpet beetle larvae feed on animal products like wool, feathers, fur, and leather. In a household they might eat and damage clothing, upholstered furniture, and linens. When their preferred food sources aren’t available, they eat dead insects, pet food, crumbs, lint, and other small particles around a home. Since they can roam around a house looking for food sources and can survive long periods of time without eating, they can be quite difficult to get rid of.

The first step to getting rid of carpet beetle larvae is identifying the primary food source. Since our reader found these near her bed, we think it is likely that the larvae are eating the feathers inside the mattress, down comforters, pillows, or wool blankets on the bed. She should investigate the entire area for signs of damage. All bedding should be removed and professionally cleaned to destroy any unseen eggs. If the mattress is damaged, she might consider having it professionally cleaned or replacing it. She should look for signs of carpet beetle larvae in other areas of her house and clean or remove items as needed. The most effective way to get rid of carpet beetle larvae and to prevent them from coming back is to eliminate food sources by cleaning! Our reader should sweep, vacuum, dust, and do laundry every day until she is confident the larvae are gone.

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To summarize, a reader wrote to us in distress because she discovered carpet beetle larvae near her bed. These larvae are fairly common, but can do damage to furniture, clothing, and bedding if ignored. Luckily, getting rid of these larvae jut requires cleaning.

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"Worms" in Bed are Carpet Beetle Larvae

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

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