Worms Found Under the Bed Likely Millipedes

One of our readers discovered some worm-like organisms under her bed. She sent us a photograph of the specimens and would appreciate any help and/or advice we can offer on the matter. The photograph is a little blurry, but still extremley helpful! It shows three creatures that are curled into spirals. The organisms are dark brown on top and lighter brown underneath. They appear to have segmented bodies:

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We are confident that these creatures are not actually worms, but arthropods. Which arthropods are these? We believe that the specimens our reader discovered are millipedes! Millipedes are commonly discovered in households by our readers. Although it is annoying to find unwanted creatures in a home, millipedes are some of the easiest to get rid of!

Millipedes are segmented arthropods with two pairs of jointed legs per body segment. People often recognize millipedes by their numerous legs, or by the C-shape they curl into when they are feeling threatened. Millipedes need a dark and damp environment to survive. In the outdoor world they typically live in leaf litter on forest floors, where they can happily feast on decaying wood and dead plant matter. Readers often discover them in their yards under piles of wood or debris. Inside a home, they are often discovered in the basement. Since our reader discovered these millipedes under her bed, we recommend she sweep out the area to clear out any debris that is serving as a potential food source! To prevent future millipede invasions, our reader can focus on sealing up any potential entry points around her home. This includes any gaps between windows, doors, and vents. If her home is particularly humid, she can also install a dehumidifier to reduce moisture and make her home less hospitable to millipedes and other creatures!

In conclusion, a reader discovered three brown worm-like organisms under her bed. We are confident that the creatures are millipedes!

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Worms Found Under the Bed Likely Millipedes
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Worms Found Under the Bed Likely Millipedes
A reader discovered three brown worm-like organisms under her bed. We are confident that the creatures are millipedes!

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

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