Worms found in baked potato

small white worms in potatoes
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small white worms in potatoes


One of our readers emailed us after she had an incident with some worm-like creatures in her food. She told us that she had baked a potato and began to dress it with butter and the usual toppings. As she began to eat the potato, she noticed that there was an area of about 1 to 2 inches of small stuff that looked like dental floss. She said that it looked to be a pocket of worms. She is curious what these creatures are. She did not include a picture, but there is a strong possibility that it could be one of two types of worm-like creatures such a wireworms or potato tuber worms.

Wireworms are often associated with potatoes as a pest in gardens. They are usually tan or brown in color. Wireworms are not worms at all. They are the larval form of click beetles. There are quite a few different species of wireworms so there is a possibility that our reader has found some of these in her potato. It is important that vegetables like potatoes get checked all over before you decide to cook them. There could be holes or spots on potato that could be a sign that it has been infested.

The other possibility that our reader could have in her potato are potato tuber worms. These are not worms either, but the larval form of potato tuber moths. They are generally off-white in color and also have been known to wreak havoc on potatoes. These larvae do grow rather big and tend to be thicker than dental floss, which our reader said is what the “worms” in her potato looked like.

In summary, one of our readers said that she made a baked potato and once she started to eat it, she found worm-like creatures in it. It could possibly be wireworms or potato tuber worms which are both larval forms of insects.We are sure that it was very unsettling for our reader to find worm-like creatures in her potato.



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Worms found in baked potato
Article Name
Worms found in baked potato
One of our readers emailed us after she had an incident with some worm-like creatures in her food.

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2 thoughts on “Worms found in baked potato

  1. I just found a long white worm in my baked potato also as I had put butter and was about to eat! It was bright white long moved and looked almost flat?? Never ever have I seen anything like this! My first thought was a tapeworm! It’s the middle of the day but if it was in the evening and dark and with all that butter I can’t bare the thought if I ingested it and I’m right! I can’t afford to loose a lb…sadly I finally had an appetite and it’s gone!

  2. Yuck the same thing happened to me this evening. Cooked two backed potatoes in the microwave for us. After done cooking cut a slit in the tops of each potato and found a few tan colored worms in the potato part.

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