Worms for Sale! Yes, That’s Right, You Can Buy Worms

If you saw a sign that said “worms for sale,” you might think you stumbled into an alternate reality. Worms for sale? How could that be? Who on earth would actually want to buy worms? Even if an advertisement promised “cheap worms for sale” or even “free worms,” you still may think it would be crazy to take someone up on this offer.

Well, you clearly aren’t familiar with the many uses of worms! Indeed, worms can be used for a number of different purposes, ranging from compost, as in the case with worms factories, to pet food.

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To truly appreciate the utility of worms, a survey of their many uses is in order. Once we convince you that worms can be purchased, we’ll point you to a few places that sell worms online.

(1) Worms are incredibly good at turning everyday, unprocessed compost (like kitchen scraps, rotten food, etc.) into rich compost that can be used for activities like gardening. Red Wigglers are particularly adept at this, but other worms can be used too.

(2) As this first point implies, worms are good at producing nutrient-rich compost, so worms are also used to enhance soil without the help of chemical fertilizers.

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(3) Wild birds eat worms; people like to see wild birds. Therefore, people who want to see wild birds might be inclined to buy some worms and lay them out for birds to feast upon. Be sure to only do this in the shade, though, as we all know what happens (and quickly) to worms left in the sun.

(4) As any son who has been on a fishing trip with his dad knows, worms can be used as bait for fish. You might think it extravagant to purchase worms for fishing – after all, how hard is it to turn over a couple of rocks and grab some worms – but if you’re in a hurry and it hasn’t rained recently, it might behoove you to buy some worms on your way to the ocean, lake, or river.

(5) Tons of pets eat worms, and not just obscure pets. Do you ever wonder what people feed their small birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish? Worms! Also, some people raise fish for commercial purposes, and they too will often feed their stock worms.

(6) Last but certainly not least, some people buy worms to incorporate into their cooking! Yes, really!

So, there are six different reasons people might buy worms, and maybe you are now convinced that you too should buy some worms. Where might you go to purchase worms? Here are a few places where you can buy worms online:

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm
Featured on Oprah, Uncle Jim’s takes their worms seriously. They sell Super Red Worms and Red Wrigglers.

The Worm Farm
The Worm Farm, another good place to buy worms online, sells Redworms, European Nightcrawlers, and Dendras.

EarthWorms 4 Sale
EarthWorms 4 Sale has a relatively large selection, offering Redworms, African Nightcrawlers, European Nightcrawlers, Canadian Nightcrawlers, and Alabama Jumpers.

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