Worms Emerge From Damp Areas

earthworm in dirt

One of our readers recently told us that he has been finding worms on his porch, where the lounge and his bedroom are. He said these worms are small, and be believes they are coming from the damp areas on his porch. We don’t have any other information about this situation. So, we know the worms are small, but we don’t know what they look like, or if they are even truly worms. Also, we don’t know if the porch/his bedroom and the lounge are on the ground floor of his living quarters, or if they are raised up off of the ground. This detail could be important in figuring out where the worms are coming from. If the porch sits on the ground level, the worms are probably coming from the soil. However, if the porch is raised up, the worms could be emerging from a different source.

There are plenty of worms that thrive in moist environments. Some of the ones we write about most often are: bloodworms, earthworms, and drain fly larvae. We have written about worms emerging from the ground inside a house before. In that particular instance, we identified the worms as earthworms. We don’t have enough information to determine if earthworms are what this reader has found on his porch.

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However, no matter the species of worm, we think the problem is the damp floor that these worms are emerging from. Our reader should handle this situation as soon as possible. A wet floor might be a hint that there is something wrong with the foundation of our reader’s house. We suggest he inspect this problem carefully and call a professional if the need arises.

To sum up, a reader discovered worms emerging from damp areas on his porch. We weren’t able to identify the worms, but we think he should focus on figuring out why the floor is wet. This will likely result in not finding any more worms! If our reader is still dealing with this issue, we invite him to send in a photo of the worms for us to have a look at.

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Worms Emerge From Damp Areas
A reader discovered worms emerging from damp areas on his porch. We weren't able to identify the worms, but we think he should focus on figuring out why the floor is wet! This will likely result in not finding any more worms!

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

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