apple worm

Worms and Larva that Feed on and are Found in Apples

There are quite a few different species of worm-like creatures that like to dine on apples. The apple maggot and the codling moth are both larvae that like to feed on apples and ruin the crops of apple farmers. These two pests can give farmers quite a bit of trouble with their crops. They are both very different in appearance, but do have one thing in common: they love apples!

apple worm

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The apple maggot is also known as the railroad worm. It is a type of larva that likes to feed on the outside flesh of the apple. It does like other fruits, but the apple is by far its favorite. These larvae are a little bit smaller that fly larvae, measuring at about 12mm in length. They belong to the Rhagoletis pomonella family. Once these larvae are inside of the apple, they are not quite that easy to see. There will be small little marks on the outside of the apple where they enter, but usually they go unnoticed. They are very pale and a light cream color with a very small body. This is why they often go unseen until it is too late. The apple maggot generally lives in the Northeastern United States and Canada.

Codling moths are another pest that loves to feed on apples.  They belong to the family of Cydia pomonella and they are one of the most destructive creatures of crops. They are native to Europe and Asia, but also live in the United States and Canada. These larvae are very small caterpillars that are white with dark brown heads. They do have quite a few legs which makes them much easier to distinguish from the apple maggot larvae. These caterpillars will enter the apple at the blossom end. There will be small holes that look like bites on the apple where they tried to get in. Once they are in, they will feed on the seeds and inner apple for three weeks. After three weeks, they will leave the apple. Once the apples have been infested by the caterpillars, they will begin to rot and fall off of the tree.

Both of these larvae are examples of pests that will destroy entire trees of apples. It is good to keep a close eye on any apple trees in your yard. If you are buying apples in the store, keep an eye out for tiny holes on the apples which could have been formed by either of these creatures.

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Worms and Larva that Feed on and are Found in Apples
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Worms and Larva that Feed on and are Found in Apples
There are quite a few different species of worm-like creatures that like to dine on apples.

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