Worm with Brown Body and Dark Head and Tail


Based on the photo and size, we believe our reader has found moth fly larva. Readers often find moth fly larvae in their kitchens, where the larvae might be feeding on decaying matter. However, there are cases where these larvae find homes in other rooms in a house (like a bedroom). To get rid of these little guys, she should clean her room thoroughly, making sure to clear out any dust or debris that could be a food source for these larvae.

If she is still dealing with itchy skin after sanitizing her room, she could consider seeking medical attention. We aren’t familiar with moth fly larvae causing itching, so it is possible she is dealing with something else.

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To conclude, our reader found a worm-like organism in her bedroom. We believe that she has found moth fly larva.

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Worm with Brown Body and Dark Head and Tail
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Worm with Brown Body and Dark Head and Tail
We recently received a photo from a reader of a creature that is about 3 mm long. The photo is quite dark, but the creature appears to have a brown body with a dark head and tail. She said she found it in her bedroom above her headboard. She also mentioned that she has been quite itchy lately, but we don’t know for sure if that has to do with this creature or not.

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

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