Worm on Futon Probably Carpet Beetle Larva


Based on the orange color and the location of the discovery, we believe our reader has found carpet beetle larva. Carpet beetle larvae are some of the most frequently discovered creatures by our readers. The larvae can be recognized from their rusty orange color and the little hairs that cover their bodies. We can’t see the hairs in the photo our reader sent in, but we are still confident this is carpet beetle larva.

Carpet beetle larvae feed on dust particles, fabrics, animal hair, and other small fibers around a household. Sometimes they are known to be rather destructive, feeding on clothing, blankets, and upholstered furniture around the house. In order to get rid of carpet beetle larvae, our reader will need to eliminate any potential food sources from his home. Since he found this creature on his futon, he should wash or replace any blankets on the futon, as well as any other fabrics in that area. He should also begin vacuuming regularly to remove dust. Since our reader didn’t sound too alarmed, he is probably not dealing with an infestation, and getting rid of the larvae shouldn’t be too strenuous.

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We are pretty sure that our reader has found carpet beetle larva on his futon, but since the photo doesn’t reveal details, we cannot be 100% certain of this identification. We recommend our reader look up carpet beetle larva to compare them to what he has discovered. If he doesn’t think it’s a match, we encourage him to send a photo that captures more details of the worm and send it in!

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Worm on Futon Probably Carpet Beetle Larva
Article Name
Worm on Futon Probably Carpet Beetle Larva
We recently received a photo of a “worm” from a reader along with his expression of curiosity about its identification. The photo was taken quite far from the “worm”, but we do know that it was discovered on a futon. The photo shows a small creature that looks orange. The picture is far enough away from the worm that we cannot determine any other identifying features. Therefore, we will take a guess based on the limited information we have.

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