Worm in Toilet Probably Earthworm

Today we will discuss the identity of a mysterious worm a reader found in his toilet. He clarified that the toilet was clean. He wants to know if the presence of the worm should cause concern because he is “freaking out!” So, what did our reader find in his toilet? Let’s take a look:

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According to our reader’s measurement, thisĀ  creature is 3 inches long. As you can see from the photograph, it is a reddish brown color. We are confident that this is an earthworm! Not only does this worm have the physical traits of an earthworm (both color, length, and size are a match), readers also find earthworms in their toilets fairly regularly.

Since we don’t know how this earthworm ended up in our reader’s toilet, all we can do is speculate about why it might be there. Earthworms need a moist environment to survive. Since earthworms breathe through their skin, they need to keep their skin nice and moist in order to effectively take in oxygen. If their skin dries out, they won’t be able to breathe and they will die. So, earthworms prefer to live in moist soil, but you might also see them in puddles after it rains. If an earthworm somehow ends up in a house, a toilet bowl is a good place for it to be surrounded by the moisture it needs to survive. Earthworms can actually live totally submerged in water for several weeks as long as the water has sufficient oxygen in it!

So, what should our reader do? He doesn’t need to do anything. If the worm is still in the toilet (assuming he hasn’t flushed it), he can scoop it out and place it outside. If he continues to find earthworms, or other creatures, in his toilet he might want to call in a plumber to investigate a potential crack in the pipes leading to and from his toilet. We hope our reader feels less freaked out by this worm after learning about its identity!

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To wrap up, one of our readers found a worm in his toilet. We are confident that he discovered an earthworm. That being said, if he is convinced that the worm came from him, or is worried about his health, we encourage him to see a doctor because we are not licensed to give medical advice!

Worm in Toilet Probably Earthworm
Article Name
Worm in Toilet Probably Earthworm
One of our readers found a worm in his toilet. We are confident that he discovered an earthworm.

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