Worm in Toilet Might be Parasitic

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We recently got this message from one of our readers, “What is this worm? I found it when I went to the toilet. I believe it came out of me. Originally I thought it was just a hair but now I am not convinced. Please tell me if you can figure out what this is. Sorry if this is too much information but I really need your help.” She also included a photograph:

As our reader mentioned, this creature does look a lot like a hair. So, what is it? Readers discover worms in their toilet pretty regularly and we often identify the worms they find as either earthworms or bloodworms. This worm, on the other hand, does not look anything like an earthworm or a bloodworm. Also, other readers usually find the worms in the toilet, but are unsure if the worms came from their own bodies or if they were just in the toilet prior to use. In this case, our reader seems pretty convinced that the creature did indeed come from her body and was not simply in the toilet prior to use. Therefore, we think there is a possibility that our reader is dealing with some sort of parasite.

That being said, we are not medical professionals and we are not licensed to give medical advice of any kind. So, while we think the creature could be a parasite, we don’t have the expertise to provide a diagnosis or speculate on treatment options. We recommend she visit a doctor as soon as possible to receive proper medical attention for this situation. If she is able to, we recommend that she bring the worm in so they can examine it and run tests if necessary.

To wrap up, a reader sent us a photo of a hair-like worm she discovered in her toilet that she believes came from her body. We think she could be dealing with a parasite, but we encourage her to see a doctor to learn more.



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Worm in Toilet Might be Parasitic
Article Name
Worm in Toilet Might be Parasitic
A reader sent us a photo of a hair-like worm she discovered in her toilet that she believes came from her body. We think she could be dealing with a parasite, but we encourage her to see a doctor to learn more.

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Author: Worm Researcher Dori

4 thoughts on “Worm in Toilet Might be Parasitic

  1. Try safeguard for goats. It is available at any feed store as well as online on sites such as Amazon. It’s safe for humans. It is non -toxic. It kills the parasite by stopping them from being able to absorb glucose. Therefore, they start to death. Just follow the directions on the bottle and follow the weight guidelines for the dosage. You cannot overdose on this product so do not worry about taking too much. I was once diagnosed with hookworms which I can attracted from raising German Shepherd puppies and this stuff is a miracle worker.

  2. Could you tell me if his writer ever was able to identify as I have these in my ear!!! They also like to burrow and lay eggs just below my skin in my arms and face. When they burrow, they cause bruising. None of my doctors nor UGA have been able to identify. They just keep telling me I’m delusional even when I have these things on video swimming with me in the bathtub!!! It’s about destroyed my marriage, my business and my life!!! They don’t seem to mind being washed in hot water or a hot water but freezing them will kill them. Obviously, I’ve tried everything as I have had them for months. They are now on both of my cats!

    On a daily basis I feel them crawling on me. Night time is horrific as they become super active. The things have scarred my face & arms. They have left me traumatized, severely depressed as the hopes of actually finding a doctor to identify and treating has become just about hopeless since we live in the rural north Georgia Mountains.

    I’m a 54 female business owner and wife to a 24 year retired veteran of the U.S. Navy. My husband has no empathy whatsoever as whatever these things are do not seem to affect him. However, the agonizing, torturous and traumatizing affects they have caused me on and continue to cause me on a daily basis would lead to believe that the only means of escape would be to eliminate the host.

    1. I’ve been dealing with the same thing for a few YEARS NOW! I’ve been through every specialist possible, including seeing a Duke University Infectious Disease Specialist! He never did a biopsy, skin scraping or anything. Just told me that he was even trained in Tropical Diseases and he couldn’t see anything specially ‘wrong” with me! Then, to top it off, he also diagnosed me with” Delusional Parasitosis!”. It’s been ridiculous! I guess I have an extremely vivid and overactive imagination!

      Whatever it is, has been falling or floating from the attic in our rental. My landlord will do nothing. We’ve rented a little old country farm house and I don’t think he sealed the chimney off. I’ve had people tell me it could be Carpet Beetles, Bird Mites and Spider Ticks! I’m at wits end also, so my heart goes out to you.

      I have found that Head & Shoulders with Pyritherone Zinc does wonders in controlling them! I’m guessing the reason I’m the only one who suffers, it’s because of my low immunity from Behcets Disease.

      Other than that, I guess I’m as lost and helpless as you. I wish I had better news.

      For now, I’m still lost in NC!

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