Worm in Bathroom is Duff Millipede

Today we will discuss a creature that a reader discovered in his bathroom. Previous to finding the specimen in his bathroom, he experienced a fruit fly infestation. He got it under control by putting up sticky tape, and now he only finds them occasionally. So, he doesn’t think these creatures are related to the fruit flies. He found a small infestation of worm-like organisms near where the wall meets the ceiling, or at the grout lines. He explained that when he leaves the drains of the sink and the tub closed, the creatures disappear. When he accidentally leaves the drains open, he will find a few of the critters on the walls within a day. He has found a few of them in other parts of the house, but he thinks they are mainly in the bathroom now. He described the specimen as moving quickly for its size. Here is the picture he shared:

duff millipede

At first we thought this creature could be a carpet beetle larva. Like a carpet beetle larva, this specimen has a brown, oval-shaped body with textured ridges or segments lining its body. However, we were informed by our reader that this is actually a duff millipede. Our reader reached out to us after sending us his original question and explained that he identified the creature himself! Hats off to our reader!

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Duff millipedes are covered in bristles and have a distinct tuft of hairs protruding from their abdomen. They feed on mold and fungus, so it makes sense that our reader has discovered them in his bathroom. Our reader should clean to make sure his bathroom is mold free to make it less hospitable to these arthropods. He can also install a dehumidifier because duff millipedes enjoy a moist environment.

To wrap up, one of our readers discovered a small, bristly, worm-like organism in his bathroom. This is a duff millipede!

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Worm in Bathroom is Duff Millipede
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Worm in Bathroom is Duff Millipede
One of our readers discovered a small, bristly, worm-like organism in his bathroom. This is a duff millipede!

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

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