Worm Discovered in Bread

We recently heard from a reader who was shocked to find a worm-like organism in her bread as she was spreading mayo on it. The discovery really shook her up, and she is desperate to know why the creature was in her bread. She worries that this discovery will prevent her from eating bread for quite some time. Here is the photograph she sent us:

The organism in question is quite small. It appears to have light brown and dark brown stripes lining its body. We hear from readers who discover worms in odd places, but it isn’t very often that a reader finds a worm in bread! So, what could this creature be? We aren’t totally sure, but we have a few ideas.

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After noticing the striped body of the creature, our first idea was that this is a carpet beetle larva. Carpet beetle larvae typically eat animal products, upholstered furniture, and other various fibers found around a house. However, they can and will eat a broad range of other things if they need to, including bread! Carpet beetle larvae have small, striped bodies like the critter our reader found. However, carpet beetle larvae are typically rounder than the organism in question. While we believe this is a possibility, we aren’t 100% confident that our reader has found carpet beetle larva.

Another possibility is that the creature is a mealworm. Mealworms are the larvae of mealworm beetles. These larvae feed on dried grains and are sometimes referred to as pantry pests. They are small and thin, and have tan segmented bodies. They are not typically striped like the creature our reader found, but we suppose this mealworm might be colored slightly differently.

Whether our reader is dealing with a carpet beetle larva, mealworm, or something else entirely, we can’t say for certain. We also do not know how or why the creature ended up in our reader’s bread. We recommend that she dispose of the bread. Since she was so rattled by this experience, she might also write a letter to the bread company. If any of our other readers have experienced a similar situation, we invite them to comment below.

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Worm Discovered in Bread
Article Name
Worm Discovered in Bread
We recently heard from a reader who was shocked to find a worm-like organism in her bread as she was spreading mayo on it.

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

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