Woman and Family Overwhelmed By Parasitic Infection; Where They Can Receive Help Amid the COVID 19 Pandemic

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This reader “would be extremely grateful” if we could help her identify some parasites that have invaded her family. Our reader writes to us in the hopes that the answers that we provide may “hopefully prevent others from experiencing a terror” such as the one our reader has faced.

Firstly, we have to say right off the bat that we will not be able to identify any parasites. This is because we are not medical professionals, and so we are not qualified to diagnose any medical issues.

Secondly, we wish to note that not all of the pictures that our reader sent have been included; the pictures that were omitted were either too explicit or were repeats of previous images. That said, we do appreciate the plethora of images our reader sent in, and she even mentions that the multitude of photos she did send were just “small drop in the can” and that, in fact, she has over 7000 photos in her camera roll chronicling this infection.

This brings us to our third point, that the pictures that are included are still quite explicit and we warn our readers that they may be grossed out. Content warnings for photos of: faecal matter, unidentified organisms (that may also be covered in faeces), and other slimy substances and materials that may be disturbing to some viewers.

The parasites that have been harassing our reader and her family are both external and internal, and have infected our reader, her dog and her 82-year old mother. They have been in isolation since March 17th 2020, because of the ongoing pandemic (we presume).

“Multiple occurrences” of the parasites started mid July and have escalated since then. Some of our reader’s family have already taken faecal tests, which have all come back negative. Her dog has taken three tests, her cat has taken one, and she also refers to one “incomplete human” test, which tells us that it may not have actually come back negative yet.

They have been to see physicians, but none of them have known what our reader’s family is suffering from. “It sure gives them the shivers though.” Our reader states that she is unable to use her infectious disease referrals due to COVID 19.

“The CDC would not listen and send me down the ranks of who might assist. […] Legacy Animal Hospital suggested I reach out to UNLV (University of Nevada, Las Vegas).

In addition to this, our reader’s pets have taken “numerous medications” and it is in her dogs’ faeces that she finds the most alarming “form”. She has been to three veterinarians, but none of them have been able to identify the issue.

So, although we cannot identify the organisms our reader has been finding, we can provide some more resources that she can use to consult with an infectious disease physician. It should be noted that the two specialists that are specifically linked to will be able to help our reader regardless of her geographic location, and thus COVID 19 should not interfere with her being able to book a consultation with one of them. What we can recommend is that our reader do one or more of the following:

1) Search for a medical parasitologist in Green Valley, Nevada using this directory of medical parasitology consultants: https://www.astmh.org/for-astmh-members/clinical-consultants-directory.
2) Search for a local parasitologist by doing a Google search for “medical parasitologist Green Valley, Nevada” or “tropical medicine specialist Green Valley, Nevada”.
3) Get in touch with Dr. Omar Amin at the Parasitology Center at https://www.parasitetesting.com.
4) Contact Dr. Vipul Savaliya of Infectious Disease Care (“IDCare”) at idcarepa.com.

In conclusion, our reader and her family are clearly having a hard time with this overwhelming infection. We apologize for our inability to directly help, but we sincerely hope that the resources listed above do prove more useful to our reader than some of the other routes she has attempted to take, and that this article provides some insight or relief to other readers that suspect they may be dealing with something similar. We wish our reader and her family the best!


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Woman and Family Overwhelmed By Parasitic Infection; Where They Can Receive Help Amid the COVID 19 Pandemic
Article Name
Woman and Family Overwhelmed By Parasitic Infection; Where They Can Receive Help Amid the COVID 19 Pandemic
This reader "would be extremely grateful" if we could help her identify some parasites that have invaded her family. Our reader writes to us in the hopes that the answers that we provide may "hopefully prevent others from experiencing a terror" such as the one our reader has faced.

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Author: Worm Researcher Anton

6 thoughts on “Woman and Family Overwhelmed By Parasitic Infection; Where They Can Receive Help Amid the COVID 19 Pandemic

  1. For ms janet holt..and ladies who are infected..
    First i want to say I would be grateful to admin for register my comment. It may be usefull.. Immunocompromised patients such as HIV, diabetes, organ transplants, and chemotherapy… are justified in the case of hyper infections and multiple conflicts, but if you do not have a specific disease, probably a corticosteroid has increased in your body. Even if you deny the use of any type of drugs. ?Finally, you will have to make changes in your diet and medication and remove the steroid such slimmingv.drugs.or phetamine…get rid of harmfull drugs.. There is no other way.

  2. There is no stable research on this parasite. The stool test is only 3% successful and the blood test is negative until the disease becomes fatal. Drug treatment without medical supervision may spread the infection. Don’t forget. Poison Spraying the environment can help to aggravate the problem. Use steam cleaner & vacuum cleaner every day.ir reduce microorganism. Take a bath daily and put dehumidifiers in different parts of the house. The use of metronidazole and ivermectin with the right dose reduces improves body’s involvement. This parasite is pathogenic and it is important to diagnose the cause of the disease. All kinds of pathogens, fungi, molds and yeasts, insects, amoebas, bacteria, viruses and protozoa… your rash,moles,larva and paranazal parasite should be patology,parasitology checked.blood cbc can help doctor to find out the importance of infection,.(ct scan,MRI ,from areas you feel movement.
    Effective treatment is possible after accurate diagnosis. If you feel a disturbing creature in your body, a disturbance has definitely occurred. Follow up

  3. We live in Kentucky and have been dealing with this since May 21 my husband thought I was crazy he said he was going to put me in a mental hospital because they started in my head as black spots and then they started to go all over my body they were on my mouth and my female areas in my nose and we still have them I have had three rounds of ivermectin and it has not helped I’m scared because now I have lost motor skills and ability to really talk can’t recall words forget lots of things and have headaches and dizziness all the time they’re not supposed to come out your nose

  4. Is it just in stool or are other areas of body affected too? I have exact same in my stool, but not limited to. but what I believe you might have (I definitely have) is a parasitic/infectious disease caused by the aquatic oomycete Pythium insidiosum, a fungal-like organism. It’s not contagious, and since your family all has it (as does mine – including dog) prob likely that somehow ingested the zoospores. Have you moved to new home? Have you had your water checked? This is actually (primarily) a disease that has been seen in plants, so could be that you got it from produce. These are all educated guesses – after half a year of researching reputable sources…and extreme suffering. Look up info, talk to physicians (usually/almost always unhelpful/unknowing) and join support groups. Most of the unknown but suspected parasites i see on here – exactly the same condition. Human Pythiosis.

  5. Have ALL hair symptoms…. Bites me, HARD, swell up like allergic. Tried all medicines repeatedly. 3rd time to ER 1st time said rash 2nd gave the “P” cream 3rd after a huge brown worm (size of the big fat earthworms, about 3 of them around) almost came out of my stomach white worms everywhere then the long hairs I thought spiders were going to erupt from my stomach but I got ambushed at triage and told to leave. My back is the worst I’d rather have quads, kidney stones over this. It goes to the core…my muscles…deep…i feel like there’s a 10s unit in my back. Now I’m glowing. I have black bugs come out of my skin. I have so many strange unbelievable pictures, its happening to me and i have to question my sanity. its surreal. In my stool its like sticks, hard like off a tree. In terrified of my hair. Its crazy its like they are unified, threatening. My boyfriend has problems too but his is different he had a bug that would change metallic colors come out of belly. In beginning it was these worms that glowed haven’t seen those in awhile. I’d say 5-7 different species. I’m a recluse I’ve always been a germaphobe, I don’t leave my house, my boyfriend goes to work where works mostly to himself and comes home. My biggest worry is am I contagious? I have grandbabies, kids, sick mom. I’m told no I’m not. But the other day i picked up my mirror that had piece hair on it, it bit me went into many hand, tried pulling out but couldn’t. When this happens I get numb in that area. My back is so numb put blow dryer directly on it hoping heat would kill them, I couldn’t feel the heat or the burn. I don’t itch…. I’m in CONSTANT pain. Under microscope looks like blisters my chest turns green blue purple, I look jaundice under eyes yellowish green. Yet again my main concern is am i contagious? Anyone know PLEASE PLEASE respond, seems like not many people have this, no info in CDC so I’d have to say no but i don’t know how that can be possible? I haven’t figured out how to post pictures but I have alot. My body is scared its just disgusting. My bf and I got another prescription of ivermectin. It didn’t work before I have a worm in me on camera that is big, the infectious disease doctor says its impossible big too blurry, the film you see my belly button open, all of this is psychotic episodes. I’m so enraged and feeling a tad crazy that I don’t want to take medicine because I want this worm to come out take it back to all the people who told me I was crazy, made me question my sanity, dismissed me. Something needs to change and if they don’t know they should admit that. My blood pressure is sky high I lost 20 lbs in month, I’m petite 5 ft 120-130 lbs., skinny. I feel like I’m doomed but if I let this worm come out and it helps 1 other person changes anything I feel I need to try it. My bf don’t understand this causes so many problems in a once perfect relationship. I just don’t know what to do. In 3 weeks did the Permethrin Cream approx. 10 times taken the pills, steroids. I think maybe should try some fungal cream or something. Please if anyone knows if my family will catch this or maybe I need to just take the medicine in hopes this time it works.

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    I hope these picture links work don’t know any other way to send Thanks!

  6. I can’t believe how many people are suffering from bizarre parasite infections with absolutely no help whatsoever. I am having a similar problem and even had a horsehair worm in my hair trying to get into my mouth and ear. But they don’t want humans as hosts so they say. Looks like a horsehair worm in the picture with the wooden ruler. What is going on for crying out loud??

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