White Tear-Shaped Creature on Bathroom Floor

Recently, we were the recipients of these photos:

black soldier fly larva

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black soldier fly larva

The photo sender explained that she discovered this small white creature on her bathroom floor. She lives in a second floor apartment, and she keeps her apartment and bathroom very clean. She wonders if these creatures might be entering through the cracks of her bathroom tiles.

The specimen-under-analysis is white, tear-shaped, and quite tiny. We believe this is either an immature black soldier fly larva, or a maggot. Black soldier fly larvae are usually black, as their name hints. However, they begin as tiny white larvae, and they darken as they grow over time. Since these are very light, we assume they are quite young. Black soldier fly larvae are often utilized for their decomposing abilities. They are skilled at breaking down decaying organic matter and returning nutrients to the soil and¬†environment. We aren’t sure how or why this larva has found its way to the bathroom. She should check to make sure all of the trash receptacles in her home are empty and clean.

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We also suspect that this could be a maggot, or a house fly larva. Like black soldier fly larvae, maggots are also attracted to decaying matter, but they gravitate towards decaying flesh. If our reader truly does keep her apartment clean and all of her trash bins are empty and tidy, there is a small possibility that something (perhaps a rodent) has died in the walls of her apartment building. The maggots might be feasting on the deceased animal and then ending up in her bathroom through the cracks in the tiles. We recommend that our reader seals the cracks in her bathroom tiles. Hopefully this will ensure that these creatures stop visiting, whether they are black soldier fly larva or maggots.

To summarize, a reader sent us some photos of a small white creature she found in her bathroom. We think this either immature black soldier fly larva, or a maggot.


Article Name
White Tear-Shaped Creature on Bathroom Floor

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

1 thought on “White Tear-Shaped Creature on Bathroom Floor

  1. Though I don’t have enough of a view, I recently find almost the exact same type of thing on my floor. Turned out, with some detective work, to be a oval-ish body and a nearly half inch length. Then it slinky-ed to about an eighth-inch and held that for a bit. After some searching, turns out it came from the rear of a cat that comes in the kitchen some times when we open the door. So if she has pets that visit outside or other pets who do, should probably get a dewormer. I did, $3 at Wal-Mart, and the problem went away.

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