White Pieces of Hair and Lint Move Like Worms and Infest This Woman’s Home

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“I found these clear strands (worms?) on every item of fabric in my home”, states this reader in Hawaii. “They are on my clothes, rugs, couches, and towels. EVERYTHING! They attach on one end and stick out of the fabric. They are very thin, like hair, but kind of kinky. At first I thought it was hair or lint, then I looked closer and it was moving, and other lint or hair wasn’t. Normal lint or hair doesn’t stick straight out like these do either. It is not a few here and there; it is an immense amount. I also see dust-like particles all through the air, but I don’t think it’s dust because it maneuvers in different directions and it’s bigger. I have tried vacuuming, laundering, drying, even picking them off but they always come back. I saw that someone else wrote in from Oklahoma about them with a photo and that is exactly them and you didn’t have a clue. I am hoping that maybe you looked into it further and have answers now.”

Normally when our readers find white worms infesting their clothing, they are clothes moth larvae or flea larvae, but given how thin these creatures are, they are clearly not either of those two species. We might have even been tempted to suggest these were just pieces of lint or hair, if it were not for the video (linked below) that our reader sent in, which shows clearly how the organism moves by itself, particularly in a worm-like fashion. On top of that, our reader refers to a past article about similar “thin worms found on clothing“.

Video of Worm Moving

In that article, we discussed threadworms (also known as pinworms), which are free-roaming, parasitic roundworms. Naturally, we are not qualified or legally able to identify parasitic organisms, because such organisms always pose a medical threat and thus require a medical diagnosis: we are not medical professionals. The best thing our reader can do is continue to vacuum her home and launder the infested clothing at the highest temperature the given items can withstand, and repeat this until no organisms are left. We know she has already tried these methods, but sometimes it takes a few times to get all the organisms. She might also want to think about the places she has been going: if they keep coming back after she cleans the house, maybe they are being brought in on something. Or perhaps she has a dog or cat that is bringing them in? Alternatively, to eliminate the worms, she can freeze the items of clothing they are infesting for at least 48 hours and then launder the clothing after defrosting.

To conclude, we are still not sure what these organisms are. We recommend that our reader take some of the worms to her local county extension office to have someone physically examine them, as they might have a better chance at identifying them. We nonetheless hope that she finds something of value in this article and we wish her the very best.


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White Pieces of Hair and Lint Move Like Worms and Infest This Woman's Home
Article Name
White Pieces of Hair and Lint Move Like Worms and Infest This Woman's Home
"I found these clear strands (worms?) on every item of fabric in my home", states this reader in Hawaii. "They are on my clothes, rugs, couches, and towels. EVERYTHING! They attach on one end and stick out of the fabric. They are very thin, like hair, but kind of kinky."

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Author: Worm Researcher Anton

111 thoughts on “White Pieces of Hair and Lint Move Like Worms and Infest This Woman’s Home

  1. I have been suffering for almost 3 years now! Same visuals many of you are seeing – white hair like substances – I felt like I was going insane but I saw the image and was like OMG. I’ve been to over 4+ dermatologists, 1 infectious disease, and 2 pcp doctors .. and 1 immunologist along with rheumatologist. Biopsies came back as “internal inflammation” or vanilla like diagnosis of rash or allergic reaction but I’m constantly breaking out in hives and hard bumps on my scalp, face, arms, shoulders, back and private areas, etc. – extensive allergy tests did not find anything… my tongue has raised bumps and has since this started. I’ve tried anti fungal, yeast meds, ivermectin, tons of creams.. still suffering. It started when I went back to work during COV.. I had never suffered any skin like illnesses before that.. i also did not suffer with stress until this… I did notice my blood tests compared to years present are higher in esph. But not outside of the standard ranges and every doctor dismisses.. I’ve give up hope and like you, not sure what to do.. it’s ruined my life… im depressed, constantly itching, and barely even active anymore… I wish I could say I’ve found relief but I’ve yet to :(

  2. I’m so sorry everyone is going through a terrible nightmare. I’m also dealing with one. Not one doctor believes me. Unfortunately, doctors have failed us and we need to let them know by contacting owners of hospitals or healthcare facilities. Won’t be easy but they do listen. Also, contact the committee ir human resource. We pay their salaries so we must speak our mind . They have neglected us and should be held accountable for not listening and believing us.
    I truly believe the best test to find a parasite might be a blood smear. There’s also one other one that infectious disease drs do. The problem is getting a referral to see one. I’ve also thought a hematologist could help, but you also need a damn referral. Our system is crazy stupid.
    What is helping me is a foot bath detox. Certain ones you can use inside your tub, but are more expensive . This helps eliminate toxins, can help with parasites. Another solution is a vaporizer, or sauna along with cold rinses. 4 minutes over a simple vaporizer with a shower curtain and a medium size towel in xtra cold water , ice is recommended if your water isn’t cold enough. Fill up your sink and change the water after every rinse.. total 4x. It pulls out skin parasites, but you must detox your blood at the same time. The rinses are done in a certain pattern. Right Leg first going up then left leg going up. Right arm first then left arm going down. Stomach up and back up. Must do this every night until you see results. Usually a month. Either with parasite meds or supplements. I’m gonna try wormwood , Clove and I think it’s also mugwort. Saw it online the other day. I’ll try to see if this lady sells certain products that work. And I’ll keep you posted. Also , Along with a good diet no Sugar and no milk . Both help reproduce parasites. The only alcoholic drink you can have is dry red wine.. it has little sugar. Once in a while a bit of 100% juice is ok, not concentrated though. Just try to stick with water. Fruit is ok. Easy on certain sugary fruit.
    A hand held zapper helps a bit too. Never bought an expensive one. My brand is Huldaclark.
    Goodnight, hope I made some sense. Please Don’t give up! Ask God for strength and give him your burden, we can’t do this alone.

  3. Hey everyone. So relieved when I saw all of these comments were so recent. Upon all the research I have done, anytime I find a similar situation commented, it’s always years old. My uncles home is infested with “dust.” Dust that is biting him and getting into his car and his clothes. For a while, the family thought he was losing it considering he is a bit manic. But 5 months later, we have no choice other than to believe him. He threatens to take his life and is extending stress to the whole family. We’re worried for him and this whole situation considering there are no answers. I see everyone else’s comments on the thread like worms and I have noticed a few of these as well, but his main infestation is the dust-like beings. He gets no sleep and refuses to eat in his home. The amount of weight he has lost is sickening. Our home was his getaway, but he now believes he’s seeing them here and is scared to death he’s brought them here so is now refusing to stay here to retreat. Ugh. None of us have answers so I’m not expecting results from this post- just needed to vent to a community of people who get it. It’s so exhausting.

  4. Wow, I can’t begin to day how relieved I am! I found mine six years ago. I wonder if it isn’t because we can see so closely with these phones. That’s not my perspective completely however…
    I drank water that was contaminated from a crack in the incoming water pipe and the maintenance had six or more aireator screens on my fawcetts so I never saw anything till I cleaned six months into living there and my dog was very sick and I was in my way….. Lost job. No insurance, that was our dream retirement modular home. GONE. I drank diatemacious Earth for six weeks. Passed hudreds of four inch flat worms, thought they were tape but weren’t segmented enough, whip, round, hook, bugs, oh my insects dont go away. It’s pretty much ruined me. One Dr. Saw me with all the sores and lines under my skin and treated me but he was really worried that I needed more attention and no one would help me! I went to Cooper Infectious Disease and was told it was psoriasis and I flipped out on the Dr
    So she stopped me dillusional and that was the end of medical help.
    Back to the qtip worm, I watched my hair move when I was looking in the mirror, pretty much every area of my scalp lived that thing. I’ve used ketocanazole, mican, and clotrimazole. Layered, tried for years one at a time, oh and the lotrimin plus ingredient, have to have that. I spent every penny I had every fivev days but I got it under some what control but it’s still here. Then another harboring pest guild in the empty space the dead left and I ddeal with a new battle. My family thinks in crazy. Funny I’m the sanest one actually but that’s history, I crave sugar like mad and I never ate sugar could have cared less. Id give my left leg. Knee down if an eager parasitologist would see me. I tried to sue the management company that owned the lot but I missed the statute of limitations, however, I have never been diagnosed by a Dr yet. I have pictures, videos. Eggs. Dried worms, notes. Over studied the cycles, I have outbreaks every February and October. Help if anyone can and I may be able to help you too.

    1. Hi. What you are going through sounds exactly like what I have been going through for two years now. It is ruining my life! Did you find out exactly what it is?

    2. Hi my name is Nicole I am going through the same thing I have been to every Dr in Chicago they put me inpatient 4 times for this they kept telling me the same thing they had me on all this psychosis meds I can’t get help these things go in my walls I pull them out all my paint is coming of my walls I have markings all over my walls of them its horrible I have been going through this for 8 yrs now it started when my best friend went to Thailand and like a month later I started to notice all this weird shit I am gonna have a break down I feel them crawling they go in my privates they like pinch me when they go in my skin this is the most horrible thing that I have ever gone to let’s try to help each other some how. Please keep in touch

  5. You guys!! Its become my passion to figure this out for everyone suffering or even curious. I must admit I have zero solutions to date. But as far as free living nematodes go – I’ve been able to find multiple instances of the use of c. hepatica in cotton fields as biocontrol. In Asia, Australia and North America. Where dirofilaria are present. Just read about it if you have the stomach. It may seem out there to contract – but is it? Do most dogs and cats that have known hearteorm also carry thi roundworm? Lots of questions. It’s been stated that toxocara roundworm eggs can shed theough the skin of affected animals. What about us? We’re mammals too. This means its quite different. Hairworms, Lungworms, Heartworms, Bladderworms, Ascaris of pets can shed these eggs from their skin!

    But no one really gets it til they get it. I’m going to submit some videos tonight of such such “pests” that arrived on a cheap sweater I ordered from amazon. Its worms. I still have it – the sweater – on my back porch. It was received full of these hair-like worms . Stay tuned. This is biocontrol gone wrong or lack of knowledge and funding. While Bayer runs the labs and treatment for parasitic infestations overseas. The fact that infectious agen c hepatica is still being used to combat rats from cotton and zoonotic filariasis of dirofilaria is afflicting humans in non endemoc countries needs to be reported and monitored. Where do we go from here ?

    1. Hello I wanted to reach out to you because I have been experiencing the exact same thing you have written about. I was actually typing a very long message to you a few nights ago, and unfortunately my phone died and I did not save the message. I was up really late, and fig I would try to reach out to you because I have seen your initials on here for a while, and you seem to have a good bit of knowledge and similar thoughts that I do on this living nightmare we are all suffering from. I didn’t want to overload with all my details, but long story short….I’ve been very sickly since May 2022. I have seen 2 Dermatologists, one did a biopsy/culture on my scalp, but tests did not show anything out of the norm. I have seen a Nurse Practioner who believed me because I took in something that I passed to have proof, and plus so many crazy videos she prescribed me Ivermectin, but requested that I hold off on filling it because she wanted me to submit stool samples and have scans taken. Stool samples were all negative….I saw the Radiologist had scans taken of my chest, abdomen, and pelvic area. Chest CT showed abnormalities, got referred to a Lung Specialist, he explained I have one large nodule on my right lung and several small scatterd nodules. He did more bloodwork (3rd time I’ve had labs done) I went back to see him today, and all my tests were normal. I thought maybe it’s linked to Lyme Disease because that is linked to Morgellons which can also be linked to Aspergillosis. I have dogs so I thought maybe a tick bit me or something but I tested negative for Lyme, and we have discovered a terrible water leak in our home so I thought toxic mold exposure (Aspergillosis) yet again another negative result. I actually thought I’m going to completely break down in this office and lose it if I can’t get this fig out. The Lung Specialist saw my desperation after showing him a video of this little micro monster spinning around on my hair and doing the whole Daeur thing they do, and I showed him some other pics too….he is getting in touch with an Infectious Disease Doctor and gave me a specimen cup to take samples with me when I make an appointment with them. He told me ID doc would be calling me, and he gave me the doctors name or else I’d feel like he was just trying to get me outta there because I was so upset and crying. Anyway I’m feeling pretty alone in all this, and while my family has experienced some symptoms I’m the one who is really sick from it….and I’m so scared because it has gotten worse and I’m not finding answers. I know this is real, and it’s really taken a toll on me mentally and physically. I don’t know anyone personally who has this, but I’m grateful that I can find some strange comfort in knowing there are others out there who are experiencing what I’m feeling. If you would like to talk or ask/share anything please feel free to contact me anytime. I wish you the best of luck, and I’m continuing to pray no matter what…. I feel like I’d spiral out of control if I did not have my faith or hope in that this too shall pass. Sincerely, K

      1. Hi my name is Nicole this is terrible for all of us I am going through the same thing for 8yrs it started happening to me when my best friend went to Thailand when she came back I started seeing all this weird shit these things are all over my home I clean they come right back I have taken them out of my walls I have black marks all over on my walls nobody knows around here im from Chicago let’s try to help each other please let’s keep in touch my family has put me inpatient 4xs for this they think it is in my head it’s not I have been on every phscosis medication this is terrible I hate to wear clothes im so scared I am very sick my stomach my body this is horrible I feel so bad that we are all going through this please stay intouch..

      2. Hi it’s late and again finding myself searching on what this is I have . My doctor doesn’t answer my calls my family pretty much think I’m on drugs . I am taking antibiotic that a doctor I’ve never seen prescribed me and it somewhat calm down I’ve been through lice shampoo scabie medicine washed my hair with just about everything you can think of just recently woke up with eggs all over my face & forhead on my shoulders under my breast and all they say is it must be lice I’m seeing a gastrointestinal specialist a dermatologists specialist and infectionest disease speacialest but my appointments are all months apart they asked me to take Samples and I have them all in ziplocks I have tons a pic I have bald spots on my head and I can’t brush my hair without ripping it out I also developed white flim or I don’t what to call it but it’s gross on the base of my neck and my side burns I can’t wear my hair down because my hair stings my back if I take pic of my hair and use the black light on my camera I can see them and lots of other parisites in my hair I’m depressed feel like I’m crazy someday I don’t leave my home broke up with my boyfriend & extremely sad always crying spend 100’s of $ on soaps cleaners buying new sheets towels new cloths through ingredients out everything cleaning like I crazyvloosing sleep loosing weight I’m alone and don’t know what else to do I just want to feel like I use to feel like happy loving my life happy feeling beautiful I feel like a Crack head and don’t know what else to do

    2. If somebody could please please please help me how to handle it this is just recently started bring to me and I feel as though I’m going crazy absolutely insane people don’t believe me somebody living in my own house barely believes me.. feel like to even get under my skin I can see what is not a vein under my skin I have a little sore and I’m being like right at the surface or that’s where they attach or something I have no clue what to do.. I honestly got 100% feel as though I’m being tortured I don’t know where they came from they must have come with the building that I moved into I don’t understand it I go to bed at night scared to death I’m embarrassed when I go out in public today sometimes wonder if they can see that my skin is crawling the way that I feel like it does I’m taking every kind of medicine I can get my hands on rubbing my bike down with lotion and anything that treats a parasite or fungal or anything anything that would help I’m done to get completely rid of this I don’t know what to do with myself I can’t even use certain towels or blankets or things like that in my own home… I think two nights ago I spent over 2 hours trying to find a bath towel that would be suitable for me to jail because if they have too many times there is a death amount and if I get any more in my skin I don’t know what I’ll do I feel like I’m starting to look like a monster or some type of a drug addict or something like that and I’m not but it’s absolutely making me insane and I don’t know what to do I really and truly do need help can an exterminator help can I use some type of bug spray does anybody know amything? And I’m also sad thankful that I happened across this today because at least he lets me that somebody else in this world is dealing with this.

  6. You guys!! Its been my passion to figure this out. I must admit I have zero solutions. But as far as free living nematodes go – I’ve been able to find multiple instances of the use of c. Hepatica in cotton fields as biocontrol. In Asia, Australia and North America. Just read a out it. It may seem out there. But no one really gets it til they get it. I’m going to submit some videos tonight of such such pests that arrived on a cheap sweater I ordered. I still have it – on my back porch. It was received full of these hair-like worms . Stay tuned.

  7. If you want to see movement, just blow softly. If you turn on a frequency between 20K and 30K, it’s pretty nuts. At my worst, I couldn’t get out of bed. I have a few Rife generators now. I make it work by constantly changing frequencies up, and I can get out of bed, even feel good some days. But Rife is very specific, so without knowing what frequencies to run, still lost.

    Can you imagine what friends and family would feel like just experiencing one day with this? Tired of hearing it’s just excuses when not feeling up to going somewhere or doing something. Like a nightmare that never ends.

    1. Omg. I’m seriously ready to end my life over this. Every day is hell. Full moons are the worst. Everything in life that I once enjoyed is gone. I’ve tried so many different things. I say I’m giving up, but my will to live does not agree. Every day I get up and fight. For the most part I keep a good attitude about it. I’m having a really tough time lately. I’ve been in a new home for 2 months now. Brought little to nothing with me. First deep clean and I was attacked. I have so many videos, pics, proof on my body and in my environment. Why isn’t anything being done? Why aren’t we being taken seriously. Now just reaching out for help we’re risking Everything because we’re being labeled as delusional. I wish I was delusional. I will volunteer any information, proof, experience I have to get some real movement on this. This is a torture that I wouldn’t put on anyone. We need help!!!

      1. I have the same!!!! Its in my ears, face and nose. If I use a q-tip I can se them moving like wierd angles. Im scared its something thats going to eat my brain og eyes because they are inside me. And they float in the air, not like fuzz but like something I never seen.

        1. Me too!!! I was having horrible allergies so I put some hydrogen peroxide on a Q-tip earlier, gently put it up my nostril to coat the inside and I pulled out a tiny hair that was moving! I put some Ivermectin in my nose but it didn’t help. I still feel a weird sensation in my nostrils.

      2. Omg I feel the same way this is not worth living it’s ruined my life it’s the worst thing I have ever been through I even pull them out of my mouth I had perfect teeth they are all rotting away we have to find someone to help us there has to be someone

  8. This is insane! I have been dealing with this same thing for the last 3 months! I also have lesions all over my entire body from them& it feels like a nightmare! Never have I seen something posted just like what I’m dealing with! I only saw things about morgellons& this is NOT that! I wonder if this is connected to Covid or global warming? A new parasite? I just want my life back! I thought maybe they were fungus from mold wr experienced, but they’re infesting my body! The author of this video, please email me!

    1. Gosh!I have the same problem?I live in London and in 1 month my life has collapsed. Suddenly all the fabrics of clothes and furniture started to move. The hair, the miles and every hair on my body too.. My hair was literally fighting and making deep wounds in my ears. I had to remove it. The miles too… I couldn’t stand the pain. But even after that, things didn’t get any better. This parasite has taken up residence under my skin and in my eyes. It’s eating me alive. It doesn’t even die of bleach

      1. If somebody could please please please help me how to handle it this is just recently started bring to me and I feel as though I’m going crazy absolutely insane people don’t believe me somebody living in my own house barely believes me.. feel like to even get under my skin I can see what is not a vein under my skin I have a little sore and I’m being like right at the surface or that’s where they attach or something I have no clue what to do.. I honestly got 100% feel as though I’m being tortured I don’t know where they came from they must have come with the building that I moved into I don’t understand it I go to bed at night scared to death I’m embarrassed when I go out in public today sometimes wonder if they can see that my skin is crawling the way that I feel like it does I’m taking every kind of medicine I can get my hands on rubbing my bike down with lotion and anything that treats a parasite or fungal or anything anything that would help I’m done to get completely rid of this I don’t know what to do with myself I can’t even use certain towels or blankets or things like that in my own home… I think two nights ago I spent over 2 hours trying to find a bath towel that would be suitable for me to jail because if they have too many times there is a death amount and if I get any more in my skin I don’t know what I’ll do I feel like I’m starting to look like a monster or some type of a drug addict or something like that and I’m not but it’s absolutely making me insane and I don’t know what to do I really and truly do need help can an exterminator help can I use some type of bug spray does anybody know amything? And I’m also so thankful that I happened across this today I’m actually bawling my eyes out reading the stories and understanding each and every one of them and what they feel please forgive my typos I’m sure I have some in here I was using voice text and typing through my emotions I just don’t even know what to do.

      2. I’ve been dealing with this for almost a year I have allergies and I have asthma in May 2021 I broke out with creepy crawls all over my skin I can feel something crawling they left welts on my back legs & elbows my face would feel like a flim or a waxey feeling was on it I would wash my face and shower several times a day doctor tested me for drugs & sent me home with scabies medicine then said it’s just allergies & gave me more allergies medicine the I got sick with ammonia then covid the strip throat then bronchitis sinias infection a cold that lasted 6 weeks and all along my body inched rash all over sores then my hair started to feel weird it started with I could end get a brush through it with out ripping ting little nots out of it then white roots then white build up that felt like a think flim then hair loss doctor would say there’s nothing and would look at me like I’m crazy I heard him tell the nurse that I’m delouiginal always testing me for drugs and then it’s just your allergies and more creams then stopped answering his phone to me or the office just hands up on me oh I forgot I got worms also but when the doctor tested my stools I’ve was done with medicine and my test came out that there was nothing there I’ve lost 60 in 3 months and had dharma for almost 6months I found a way to see what is in my hair and on my body I use a black light on my camera that’s on my phone I can zoom in and the things I see are things are not normal there scary looking but I can see them I have tons apuc and now can give them samples now there sending me to speacials doctors disease infections specialist gastrointest dermatologist specialist but the appoints are months away

    2. Omg SAME on everything you said!!! I have video and pictures as proof! I even had to give up my home bc I did not know what to do


    4. Omg I have been going through this for 8 years ever since my best friend came back from Thailand a month later I started noticing weird shit they have put me inpatient 4xs for this put me on all these meds for delusional my family thinks I’m crazy they are so bad they are in my walls I feel them crawling they pinch me I have all these red lines going through my body I have no support over this cuz every Dr said its not a worm the freakn things move why are they everywhere in my home in my clothes I pull them out of my wall I have pulled them off of my privates I wish this was in my head it would be so much easier to go away it’s ruined me

  9. Hey all I went thru all the above my discharge paperwork on one hospital said “dillusional” I will admit it did coincide with me living somewhere dirty and I was doing meth. Not a lot but it’s supposedly the dirtiest drug. I noticed mites on .u eyebrows eyelashes also and my hair would move if I held a piece but it wasn’t lice. My toenails and fingernails also stopped growing. And I noticed I seemed to drool a lot like frigging Scooby-Doo . Anyway I then developed like incontinence. Like wet myself in Marriott elevator wasn’t In pain. One day woke up in pain can’t even put into words. Turns out I had rhabdomytisis and was immediately admitted and put on the most hard-core painkillers (dilaudid etc which did nothing) anti biotics for week round clock couldn’t sleep eat move Google it. My skin seemed to get better after that about a year since it’s back. I think it never left and I don’t think j they know much about parasites I also think j it’s a bit of a conspiracy with fda and big companies. I’m now anemic I. Recommend low sugar content turmeric antifungal cream hibiclens and just leaving it alone for 2 weeks keep it clean and lie to the doctors. Whateeve4 u gotta say but u say the word parasite or. Bring a sample in and I’ve been in the looney been like 5 times they will Def tune u out and go giggle with Co workers u will leave crying. But focus and other things it will end I promise.

    1. Hello, L S,

      We just viewed your video on Amazon; would you be willing to send us that video and have us post it? That is the clearest video of this phenomena that we have seen!

      Have you taken the sweater with worms or the video to your closest university extension to have them ID the worms? Do you still have it?

      1. Hello. I could see the movement under the cellophane bag that the sweater arrived in and recorded the entire process of unboxing and inspecting the sweater using a Samsung s10 on a cell phone tripod. I didn’t want to really touch the sweater or its occupants, but was able to flip it over multiple times and capture a lot of worm-like hitchhikers that were much larger. I will absolutely share them. Is there somewhere I should email them direct to you or should I upload them to a the site via the question submission?

      2. I could show you clear footage of these same things, any time at all. They come out of the pores on my hands. Yes, im aware it sounds nuts, but i assure you its very real. Sometimes they are “dead”, and sometimes they thrash around violently. Im as sane as the next person (take that as you will lol) and i have a regular job and social life. But ive had this issue for a few months now. Doesn’t seem to be hindering me in any way. But im afraid to go to a family practitioner, reading about all of the folks who have been labeled crazy. All i need is some hand lotion, hand soap, petroleum jelly, cbd salve, anything that covers the pores. Rub the skin in certain places, and drag one out. (That didnt sound right?) tell me where to send! Its literally every day.

        1. Same. So same No frigging clue what it is… but it nearly killed me. Seems to have taken up residence in my abdominal cavity and spreads throughout… forcing itself out any available opening… hair follicles, mouth, nose, breaks in skin.


          I just do the keto diet now… and can now see it as an inconvenience… still socks, but SO much better!

  10. So there’s a free-living terrestrial nematode worm that literally looks like some kind of pet hair lint and it moves and waves and strikes when prodded and infests fabrics. It has infested my home, furniture, clothing. My daughter and I along with my cats now have some kind of medusa thing going on where our hair is now moving in the same way. When these hair worms land on a hard surface a gel residue in the exact shape that is left on the surface and sometimes the worm itself will become embedded in the surface. It’s like a glue sheath or cast that is nearly impossible to remove from stainless, granite.

    Our local extension office said its horsehair worms after reviewing some images I sent in trying to identify it. We were then diagnosed with delusions of parasitosis by multiple doctors. I sent our samples and labs into a parasitologist and our reports came back positive for nematodes. We were treated with dosage for a common enterobius sp. allopathically but found no relief despite taking the medicine twice and strict hygiene and environmental cleaning protocol.

    Here’s my update.

    I recently ordered a sweater from Amazon. Arrived in a cellophane pouch. When I went to open it, I could see there were these same moving hair worms inside the garment packaging! This is within seconds of being handed the package and not having been set down or stored, so it couldnt have been contaminated by my environment. I decided to video the unopened package with the hairworms inside. Then my opening of it. Sure enough it’s the exact same thing I’ve been fighting in my environment for an entire year. Moving worms that look like pet or animal hair. Packaged and delivered directly by Amazon. No wonder we can’t get rid of it. We keep ordering from them!

    Amazon should not A. distribute these hairworm pests obviously, and the even greater issue I have is that they then B. profit off of the very sales of related pest control products and actually suggest them to you on their site! I don’t know if it’s from a storage rodent or insect or some kind of beneficial nematode used in their warehouses, but it’s in our home and we simply cannot get rid of it. It just took a long time to realize the connection to Amazon deliveries!

    I’ve spent the past year trying to figure out what is going on regarding this parasitic nematode infection my family contracted. I’ve bought every type of pest eradication on Amazon- nearing $20k to try and get these things out of my house. $35k if you count replacing clothing furniture and out of pocket lab costs to finally get it diagnosed and treated. I’ve questioned my sanity and existence. Even after getting the parasitologist involved- never found relief.

    I bought a microscope and ran Google lens to ID this moving “hairworm” as Filaroideia and it shows a raccoon and coyote. Filarial worms. In the USA. Whether it’s Biological Pest Control in the warehouses gone wrong or Biological Warefare from the oversees suppliers, I’m not certain. I used to think people were proving their mental instability by suggesting those things. Until I received it directly from Amazon. To think this is coming into millions of homes in Amazon packages is overwhelming. I want answers. There’s so many people that have had strange symptoms of unknown etiology and / or videotaped these moving hairworms and still told they flat out have delusions or Morgellons, Ekboms. I started to think I did too. Until I got the parasitology center labs confirming nematode. It’s not delusions. Its nematodes aka hairworms. And whatever it is, I can tell you personally that it’s parasitic to both humans and cats, and now that it is in fact coming from Amazon warehouses.

    Is there an investigative reporter or attorney that will look into this? I know I’m not alone. Look at the responses here. We deserve answers. Also, we deserve compensation for the items we bought on Amazon as well as the trauma of having some bizarre health issue that few doctors will appreciate.

    Time to ask Amazon whether they’re complicent, or just how much they know about this. How about all of the Amazon workers saying they’re ill? Do they have these filarial worm infections? Is it just Amazon or the Suppliers? Who at Amazon is invested in products, testing, medications?

    At a certain point we must hold Amazon liable for distributing infectious disease and profiting off of not only said distribution, but the very products that ease the symptoms of the infection! Please if you order clothing on Amazon – take videot of the unboxing of it and report whether or not your package was contaminated with the moving hairworms. I’m going to contact news outlets and attorneys and try and get someone to take interest in this and get to the bottom if it. Let’s get this the attention it deserves. I will set up a forum where people can share anything they find specific to the moving hairworms and especially related to Amazon packages and post a link when it’s ready.

    1. It’s not just Amazon the towels and sheets I got from Walmart were infested with them too. Buy a woods lamp or UV pet stain light you can see they are everywhere! My doctors think I’m crazy of course they don’t want to take a closer look. All my test results come back normal, but they are eating me alive they are in my eyes ears nose mouth lady parts coming out of my skin and in my blood and defiantly in my hair. I have Stopped eating meat sugar and gluten, started doing parasite protocols. I find binders are helpful like Activated charcoal, They don’t seem to like apple cider vinegar. I have been looking into everything from Valley fever to ropeworm to Staphylococcus aureus. My pets have it too.. I’m covered in sores that don’t heal and the sun, heat and full moon are the worst! I’m using anti fungal oils like Teatree peppermint eucalyptus neem I had really good luck with a Japanese charcoal shampoo with some menthol put my hair in a bag after saturating it left it overnight and my hair felt amazing the next morning no itching on my scalp but this last maybe a week before it’s back. I think they are in my tap water. I see them on new pads tampons Paper towels napkins q tips, ice, Freezing and boiling doesn’t stop it. I’ve started wearing a heart monitor so my doctors had something to take seriously. I have lots of magnified pics and videos if anyone wants to share. [email protected]

    2. Hello thank you for sharing. I actually used to sell for Amazon and I am dealing with something very similar, although the worm things I’m dealing with are a tiny bit different looking. I can tell you that almost all products on Amazon are from China and made in China. Almost all products are from third party sellers, only a fraction are sold from Amazon (ex-Amazon brand) Most products are from Wish, Ali baba or Ali Express, you have the supplier ship from the warehouses in china to Amazon directly. The products are stored in Amazon warehouse until customer buys. I would definitely look into those those 3 places I mentioned as well as Amazon ware houses to see if there is a connection. In my opinion this could be a real possibility.

    3. I bought a mattress online from Walmart. I recently washed the cover that comes over the foam when I removed it there was thousands of what looked like fibers from the sheet didn’t think anything of it now i have all the exact issues described here I thought I figured it out over a million time only to let my family down time and time again. My dogs both have died from something the vets can’t identify, I had to get my mother with dementia and father both living on ssi out of the house its been 6 months now I’m still living here fighting this and it’s destroying my body there are nights I don’t think I’m going to make it ive been committed laughed at and have spent 20k easy I don’t know what to do I’m on the verge of ending my life my mother cries everyday wanting to come home but I can’t let her. This
      Is hopeless, I’m losing it fast my poor parents please if anyone finds anything that will help email me at [email protected] please

    4. Absolutely I’m in… I’ve been trying for a few years now to figure this out. I have pulled these out of my eyes, gums, nose, ears,skin, lungs… you name it, it’s there. I even find them in the water ( which I know is infected with something alive) and I have multiple videos and pictures, and not one Dr. will help me! but I have also shopped from Amazon
      several times. I would appreciate anything you can find out about it. God Bless!

  11. Finally…something close to what I’m looking for!
    But now I’m a bit freaked out and have to look for movement :@
    This summer I noticed the sparkling layer of very fine spider like hairs, usually in a diagonal direction, on the surface of my walls and furniture. Eventually I noticed and they were on some clothing as well. I have only found them in my bedroom, no other room, and have vacuumed, various spray mixtures including bug spray, vinegar, borax, bleach, soapy water, peroxide…

    Haven’t noticed any new strands for about a month and today I noticed a couple on a dresser drawer… Got my flashlight to reflect any others and by golly they’re back!!

    I cannot find any information on these things. My microscope isn’t strong enough to get detail and they are very difficult to get a picture of.

    They’re not kinky or move like morgellons fibers and I have not found them on my skin or my cat. There seems to be no surface except for glass or rounded hard items that they haven’t shown up on.

    Anyone? I’m glad I am no longer alone but the few people I have told and tried to show still think I’m delusional LOL

  12. I’ve been dealing with these for a few months now and I am so thankful I found this page. I thought I was going crazy and my dad would even jokingly ask if I was methed out. Also amazed how recent these comments are!
    I live in southeastern Georgia so I figured it was some worm like parasite that would land me on Monsters Inside Me but I never thought about nematodes. Especially with how it feels like they can quickly squirm away or even up your arm/leg. Not to mention the lint things that can get itchy and will drive you crazy.
    I’ve found minor things that can help cut back but not eliminate them completely. First, bleach is a hard killer but the fumes and lingering smell isn’t the best. Recently I’ve been mixing floor cleaner with flea soap and lots of water in a spray bottle to get areas around the house. Sometimes even just straight water and dog flea soap helps. Epsom salt baths can help too. Oh, and I’ve seen them come up the sink, toilet, and tub, so carefully treat your water too. Other than that I just lint brush the crap out of myself. I’m about to quarantine off any clothes or fabric items I have to bug bomb and treat the hell out of it however I can while trying a deep clean. It won’t help in the long run but can be a short break from the torture

  13. I am literally in tears right now I have been dealing with this since the Beth of spring and i thought I was all alone in this, you all are an answered prayer of coarse I wish these nightmare of hell on no one! What are these things I have them all over my home and all over everything we own, but yet I am the only one out of 5 that is so super sensitive to them and having reactions I feel every little needle poke and every little movement from these things, all my doctors think I’m crazy and everyone says it’s just dust but I know for a fact these things move and are capable of getting into everything our food, clothes, girl parts, grout of my kitchen and floors even the wood furniture and my ceilings of my home, I have seen some unbelievable sights of these and even see them outside on my patio they make a silk webbing of some sort. I am going crazy trying to figure out what to do and what they are and yet along have someone to actually believe me for once that this isn’t dog hair or string or just dust in the air all over my home, and the worst part is my kids are being exsposed to all of it and I’m beyond scared what they are doing to our health!!

    1. This is no joke I am extremely scientific but these are definitely an organism that literally sucks the life out of you. And I am desperate for a species name and a direct way to kill/eradicate.Liz c says:

      Yes!!!! Finally!!!!! Finally got some actual answers for the absolute HELL TORTURE I HAVE BEEN ENDURING FOR YEARS!!! And my 3.5 year old….. she started having seizures half a year ago and everything in me tells me a parasite is causing her seizures and I can’t get anywhere even though I was treated with ivermectin and it started to help a little bit it didn’t get rid of them and now they’re coming back in my mouth and face and everywhere it started to clear up. This is no joke I am extremely scientific but these are definitely an organism that literally sucks the life out of you. And I am desperate for a species name and a direct way to kill/eradicate.

  14. Unfortunately I don’t have answers but I believe I have a direction. Mold and micro particulates, fungal particulates. Maybe a pathogenic bacteria. These “things” do communicate, it’s called Quorum sensing. They have, or are, created a biofilm in your body and/or environment and they freak out when their colony is messed with. I also think there is some sort of nematode infestation that is secondary, or possibly causal?

  15. Been dealing with this in Yucca Valley California for the last 32 days and it’s devastating and it’s hurting my love and our three puppies. One thing I’ve learned that is effective is Salt. Cut salt into all your cleaners. Line the outside of your houses. It hurts these bastards.

  16. Omg I am to the point of ending me if I can’t end these worms! I’ve been told I’m hallucinating at least a dozen times. No one takes me seriously!

      1. Hello, I’m having the same symptoms as everyone else, I’m getting sores all over my body. Losing my hair, eye lashes, eyebrows, they’re in my nose, ears, and fly around, my husband said it’s just lint but I also see like prices of silver glitter everywhere. So it looks, I’m at a loss. Washing and drying doesn’t take care of it and it feels like stuff is jumping on me all the time. My face is breaking out, I have scars all over my ankles feet legs. My daughter also and now we are getting them around out lips and even on our lips. Does anyone know what this is. I went to the emergency room and they said we were delusional. And I am prescribed Vyvanse which I’d an amphetamine. Of course they drug tested me and said I failed for meth. Inw as irate because I’ve never touched that in my life. They had cps come and put a safety plan in order and my Kids had to go to their grabdmas for over a month. After 3 clean screens and proving the hospital to be false I got my kids back and case dropped. But because we are suffering and having trouble with whatever these are I was falsely accused and my kids got taken until the accusations against me were proved wrong. Cps tested me the same day the er did and I only had in my system what I am prescribed. What ended up happening was a lab error a new girl saw amphetamines and marked it and meth amphetamines. So because we are suffering this happens to us. So now I’m so afraid to go to the doctor. My daughter is worried she will be taken again. I’m at a loss. Please does someone have answers?

        1. Also I live in Ohio, ivermectin helped a little but something I found to really help is take sublime sulfur about a quarter or a sandwich baggy full and use any type of lotion you want at least 8 to 12 Oz, add peppermint oil, lavender oil, need oil, tea tree oil and mix it like crazy. It is very good for your skin. Also for your hair 3 times a week put in a hair dye bottle of some sort and mix 3 table spoons sublime sulfur, extra virgin olive oil, tea tree, peppermint, lavender, need oil about 3 drops of each and massage into your scalp every part of your scalp and wrap with a plastic hair cover and sleep with it in over night. They are still here but it definitely gives me relief on my body. Sublime sulfur and lotion makes an 11% topical lotion that after 3 days using kills scabies and mites. But I’ve also read about web moths. They actually make webs in your home and will leave like strands of webs like little fibers all over your clothes similar to these. Do some research on those too yall

  17. I too am experiencing this but it is literally eating me alive and was in the hospital two week on I’v antibiotics and nothing gif rid im of it think I’m worse actually.the closest diagnosis found doing independent restart was trichimycosis it infect the hair and much like a hair fungal infection can be caused by std and of untreated helminith diseases of infections . I have all the hair white hair symptoms and some black wired hairs they move on there own jump sometimes . And you’re right hospital thinks I’m crazy. I’m about to try something new I found due to the trichymycosis diagnosis if it works I’ll let you know..it’s say griseofulvin and antifungal shampoo in entire body including miconazile like yeast infection cream ..also I had seen tiny fruit flies around me inside stores and things starting to think maybe it’s a fly infection of somebsort.

  18. @LS Read this. Referred to surface “lipids” (bonding oils/wax) promoting the growth of “dauer towers” (a literal tower made by a collected mass of live nematodes, to reach out and latch onto prey) and it says that a dye called Bodipy (a chemical compound whose molecules consist of Boron and dipyrromethene nanoparticles) mutated the dauer larvae, rendering them unable to produce the lipids to stick together to form the towers. They also experimented with Hexane, placing the larvae into a water and hexane solution, with the procedure leaving them perfectly viable and alive, but separated. It says Boron dissolved their lipid compound, so maybe we could try Borax?? You can’t put Hexane on your skin! It’s neurotoxic to humans. This is crazy. There were also segments of the article that talked about a chemical signal or a pheromone that aggregates the worms (brings them together). Their chemical signal, which is now on us, just continues to attract them to us; hence, they keep growing into what looks like thousands of hairs but is indeed a living (and moving) microorganism. I don’t know, this could all be entirely false, just slinging ideas because I have hypothesized every possible scenario up until this point. Phorid flies was my last venture, who by the way also have a brand new nematode predator attacking them. This also would make sense that rotting organic material, insects, (i.e. phorid flies, beetles, etc.), and mold and moisture all have something to do with this awful phenomenon. I will keep researching. Don’t give up you guys. You are NOT ill, you are NOT experiencing psychosis, or delirium or drug-induced hysteria or parasitosis.

    1. Thankyou. I have been dealing with the same thing for several years have thousands of dollars.invested still no answer. Please if u find out what to do I need help thank you

  19. @Fifi- whatever you are experiencing, I have experienced. I live in Oklahoma. It had gotten as bad as, I had the electricity turned off in the middle of below-freezing temperatures, thinking they would die, and they just got worse. I for a while thought: nematodes, pinworms, mites, hairworms, carpet beetles, clothing moths, spider mites, whiteflies, screwflies, etc. I am practically an expert entomologist now. It is none of these things. This is some government experiment gone horribly wrong. Literally, everything you said- to the T. Wood, cloth, metal, every single thing. It looks like glitter at times also. The only thing that gave me relief was losing absolutely everything I owned and starting over. And I mean everything. My car, my parent’s ashes, furniture, photos, electronics, everything one would have in their two bedroom home. I am finding almost three years later that it is slowly returning. It started with the lint balls and the dust like particles, and at certain times when I am wearing black athletic leggings if I sit in the sunlight it looks as though there are tons of spider-web like fibers strewn throughout the pants, in different directions. I find giant hairball/lint ball/ fibre balls attached to my sweaters, like in the inside of one of the arms. Just completely weird stuff. In the last house I used so much pesticide that nothing would have survived it. This is not natural, it is synthetic, it is new, it is nothing we have heard of or will come across in any textbooks, because it was an accident. That is literally the only thing I can think of. You can email me if you need to talk okay! With love, Emily. ([email protected]).

  20. I think these are the same organisms that are tormenting me and destroying my newly constructed home in the. Chicago suburbs.. They are all over my new furniture especially my wood desk and credenza and are causing rapid deterioration. My painted drywall, painted interior wood doors and trim, wood kitchen cabinets, hardwood floors are all rapidly deteriorating at an alarming pace. They are on my clothes, and cause a bite like sensation when they contact my hair or my skin. I am not able to sleep and people are starting to think I am losing my mind. Please let me know what you think or where I can get help. I will try to post pictures if possible. Thank you!

  21. I’m going to get straight to the guts of my story.   I have been tortured by the exact same thing/things since 2014.  This is my 8th year.   I’m mentally exhausted.  I’m physically drained and have wanted to end my life many many times.  Its not o ly detoued my l8fe  but ovrt the padt 8 years it has/is slowly destroying everything I own.

    I live in Sydney, Australia – whatever it is, it’s global.  I’ve been searching for answers for so long.  I’ve read so many similar stories – BUT, this is the 1st time I’ve read stories, experiences and situations exactly like mine.  I have my BFF to thank for coming across this site and all your comments then sending to me. 

    For the 1st time I feel able to tell my story without being told I’m delusional.  18 different doctors of all kinds, have told me this and suggested, I have a bex and a lie down.  I have pushed nearly almost friends away for fear of them ending up like me.

    What I do know is, these things have evolved over the past 8 years.  I’m not sure if what’s invaded my life is one thing or a combination of things.  Whatever it is, it’s able to exist inside my body and externally on any surface. It can eat thru wood, metal, stone, paint, cement, plastic, glass, rubber, fabric of any kind, wool etc.  It survives in any kind of liquid – boiling hot to freezing cold, no matter how powerful.  Most frightening is, it has the ability to mimic its environment.  Eg: rust, wood fibres, fabric fibres, hair etc.  

    What might work to eliminate it one day (or what appears to have) doesn’t work the next. I used to burn them, but they don’t even burn amymore.  When you put a flame on them they throw 100s of themselves up in the air which creates more of them.  

    I have spent $1000’s + $1000’s on trying to either eliminate it or find something that will. Im on my 5th dryer and 4th washing machine.

    I’ve had pest controllers spray, without any effect.

    What makes this whole nightmare ever worse is, they’re in the food we buy, the clothes we purchase. What hope have we got of winning when you cant see your enemy because its invisible to the naked eye.

    Just when you think you might be “winning” you discover something else about them.   I was starting to feel a bit positive last week – a rare feeling these days.  I bought a uv torch – (black light).   THE WORST THING I could ever have done.  When I turned it on and shone it over rugs, my clothing, furniture, the true extent of what I was facing + living with became almost too unbearable.  I was covered from head to toe in 1000’s of Fluorescent threads, squiggly things, fibres and whatever else.  So was every thing I owned. Suffice to say, my decent even further into depression and helplessness excellerated at rocket speed.  

    I’m an incredibly strong woman, but this had almost beaten me to a pulp until I saw this site  I had almost lost the desire to live.  

    We must continue to share our stories and never give up looking for answers.  Because somewhere out there, someone knows what it is.

    Lastly,  has anyone seen the reports from NASA about what the rover robot, Perceverance, has come across on Mars?  Now whilst this sounds like I am actually delusional, before you think this, I urge you to have a look at the Following :
    “hair like/bundle of string” unusual object found on Mars picture/report

    go here : https://www.cnn.com/2022/07/20/world/perseverance-rover-string-debris-scn/index.html
    And, the picture/report of a “thread/cat hair”  attached to the front of Perceverance’s camera. 

    go here ,: https://tech.hindustantimes.com/tech/news/nasa-found-cat-hair-on-mars-know-what-this-bizarre-thing-is-that-perseverance-rover-stumbled-on-71660385604863.html

    They certainly looked very familiar to me.  I’d be very interested in knowing if they are familiar to anyone else or if infact I am delusional.

    I will leave it there for now.

    Stay strong  – I say this to myself every day – “My life is worth more than anything you can do to me”

    Sent from my Galaxy

  22. This is so true. I’m tormented by them. Not all but many bite or sting you and burrow under the skin,nails and get in your hair

    1. Me too but I have experienced relief with cinnamon- everything- essential oils, sticks, ground, and rubbing alcohol. I have found that a few sticks in spray bottle with half water half rubbing alcohol. The longer it cures the better it works. I sprayed everything at first showered with it. Declutter, keep a clean floor, car, I also put cinnamon sticks in the dryer with my clothes Sparta washer and dryer every time before use.

    2. I have found that a few sticks of cinnamon in spray bottle with half water half rubbing alcohol. The longer it cures the better it works. I sprayed everything at first showered with it. Declutter, keep a clean floor, car, I also put cinnamon sticks in the dryer with my clothes and Spary washer and dryer every time before use.

  23. So as promised, I’m here to report back after the vet visit on 8/9 for my 2 cats. I was only able to bring one of them in as the minute the carriers came out one of my cats jetted and could not be located. Turns out he didn’t need to be there anyway.

    I detailed the entire worm saga of the past 11 months to the vet tech at intake. When it was time for the Doctor to come in, she peeked her head I’m and then came into the office and backed herself into the corner with her hands in the air as if we were armed. She asked to see a video and I showed her the waving hair-like organisms. I then showed her a clump of freely moving hair that my cat had shed in the office. She was a cross between irritated, anxious and sympathetic and just said, “This is….unique. I can’t say I’ve seen this before and I don’t want to waste your time or money because it seems like the stool tests aren’t finding anything. As for the extension office saying they are horsehair worms, I have zero experience with those or any kind of hairworms in animals.” She was nice enough to provide me a list of Veterinarian Dermatology Specialists and motioned for the assistant to give me the cat back. She also said not to bother bringing the other cat in and that she wouldnt charge me for the visit because she doesn’t know what it is. I think she didn’t want to catch it. I hope she never does!

    Sigh. I guess no one gets it til they get it though! I’ll keep you all posted when I can get a specialist to look at the cats. If not dermatology maybe an exotic pet clinic would know more. We’ll figure it out.

  24. I have this issue as well. It’s not like you can simply go to the doctor for help, they look at me like at me like I am crazy. I have lost ALL of my hair and get horrific rashes. I think it is Pelodera Strongyloidiasis. I find near impossible to get a doctor to understand.

  25. I’m having the same problem when I have some excellent video to prove it…. Somebody should take this down to a University somewhere and have a scientist check it out I have actual Physical specimens of it that I was actually able to capture and put between pieces of tape so someone can actually look at it under a magnifying glass

  26. Interesting, L! I have read into this because, well, I’ll look into any angle. My ex was a heavy cocaine user, and although I do not partake and haven’t lived like him – he insists my symptoms are the same as “coke bugs”, which are written off as a drug-induced delusion. I’ve read into it further because I really felt I did not have this issue *until* about a month after he stayed with us last summer to “get on his feet.”

    Apparently, most cocaine – at least cocaine imported from Mexico contains Levisamole which is actually an antihelmintic and responsible for many of the side effects of cocaine.

    There’s also evidence that most American cash money is found to be contaminated with cocaine and strongyloides!

    So my theory is the more cash you touch, I suppose the more likely you are to be infected.

    Now when you literally and figuratively put cash up your nose, I suppose you’re at an even greater risk as are those you simply cohabitate with or even partake in drug use with.

    There have been previous attempts to tie Levisamole and hookworm to the Contra Crack “Conspiracies” as well, however not proven and wildly fought and debunked by FDA, DEA.

    Apparently the war on parasites was won in America… and the war on drugs replaced it. But many drugs and parasites aren’t very host specific if you ask me. They don’t care who they latch on to. Perhaps there’s a true connection.

    It would make sense why people chase the drug – for the antihelmintic effects of the Levisamole. Its well established that cocaine is rarely pure. Mostly cut. So if its cut with antihelmintics that produce similar side effects, it could be a thing where when it does wear off, the person wants more of the drug. But is it because they are addicted to the drug or is it because they don’t feel the worms when they’re on it? If that’s the case we have a bunch of people being dismissed with behavioral issues that are accidentally addicted to the antihelmintic but are not aware.

    Levisamole was banned for human use in the United States. It is however, available for Veterinarian use.

    Interesting to say the least. I hope you feel better soon L. Maybe try dosing for strongyloides and see if you feel better and don’t feel like doing coke that day. Or just do whatever makes you feel better. I can’t say I want to do cocaine but if it temporarily relieves it, I can’t blame anyone that does.

  27. Yes I have this issue …I just want to say and hopefully no judgement is passed but if it helps you guys figure this out here is goes….
    I’m a drug user so automatically I’m hallucinating but I know I’m not because I’m experiencing these worms when not using it just seems that when I use cocaine whatever is in it right after I use whatever comes out of my pores the smell attracts them like crazy so maybe it’s some kind of parasite found more in and animal setting because I know cocaine can be mixed with some pesticides but yes thin white strands that move and jump so quickly and I’ve been living in the same place and haven’t tried to move and get clean but I think if have to throw it all awayclothes and everything and so far I’ve found this solution an antiseptic that seams to work,hibiclens, chlorhexidine gluconate solution like they use in hospitals. I’m still experimenting and I know mixing with hydrogen peroxide is dangerous but in small amounts put on the worm ses to stop/kill it because cutting and burning dont seem to work.

    Also I love with people who don’t use and when I do coke next to them right after they might sneeze or feel uncomfortable and it’s the worms jumping off of them coming to my smell . I don’t know if any of this helps but I feel for everyone and understand how frustrating this is ..

  28. I am in MA and am going through the same exact thing. I have been suffering for years and its horrible. I really hope we can figure out what this is and what we can do to get some kind of relief.

    1. Same! Also in MA. WTF!?

      All I know is… feeds off starch/sugar/carbs. I’m all meat/veggies now, and it’s actually livable.

      1. I am in Massachusetts as well. This is a living hell. I went to mass general a top hospital, I was so sick with failure to thrive, as well as total hair loss, elevated EOS #s and horrific rashes.. They admitted me for 5 days but refused to test or even look on my scalp for a parasite. So, I wasn’t surprised when they found nothing wrong because, they wouldn’t look for a a parasite. That was it, I was to anxiety is causing all my health issues. I don’t have anxiety normally whatever this is causing me anxiety not anxiety causing it . It’s ridiculous! I think it’s a Peldoria Strongyloids but who knows everything looks the exact same. It seems to attack my hair follicles, I’ve said since day one I feel as if something is spreading through my hair follicles. I have lost all faith in doctors at this point. Best of luck! If I ever find help or answers, I’ll respond back here.

  29. I just realized my auto type misspelled it. It’s Dauer Phenomenon in Nematodes is what you want to look up about the waving motions in nematodes. Good luck. I’m still unsure what it is. I bought a foldscope for my phone and have gotten excellent photos. The lens id coming up is still coming up a few different worms. Perhaps its a polyparasitic hybrid. Dirofilaria, Strongyloides and Brugia. Taking these new photos of the”cat hair” with my two cats to a new vet on 8/9. I’ll post back if I find anything out. I’m so exhausted by this! Hang in there people. It’s going to get better. It has to.

  30. How do you get rid of them! I need help! This is the first time I’m seeing the exact some thing I’ve been dealing with now for way too long. If seems like the bottom of my feet are the worst! I can take a cotton and wipe it across my foot and they will be all over it!

  31. So what were seeing here is an unidentified nematode in daura stage. It’s not appreciated or studied. Any doctor that has no entomology background is ignorant to this phenomenon. And because of a lack of knowledge you’ll suffer by talking to any doctor about parasites. Because that’s not their specialty. It should be noted that the common steroids and ketaconazole shampoo given to people suffering from delusions of parasitosis can aggravate nematode infestations in daura phase.

  32. I was so happy to come across this. I started having issues in October of last year so a little over 9 months now. I have the same exact hair like things that move around like a snake. I’ve managed to get rid of 95% of it but working on getting fully healed. I’m from Maryland.

  33. Search internet for Harald Kautz Wella. Years ago he was talking about Morgellons. I have seen videos of his talks about Morgellons. I remember that in one of videos he was talking about it is possible to get rid of them, was something about diet or so. Oh, found it for you. I think this was that video.
    [link removed by system]

  34. I’m so happy I found this website. I feel so alone. And my family committed me to a hospital. But even after being there for 5 days. Nothing has changed and I feel so unheard and alone. Please you guys let’s stick together. At least I’m not alone but let’s get to the bottom of this !

  35. Kristina and everyone else,
    Kristina, almost 100% of your post is identical to my situation. I’m going to email you now with what you asked for. It’s a great idea to get all of us together so we can share information and lend support. Everyone, please email Kristina so we have a central hub to communicate, thank you so much Kristina.
    My “hide your email” email address is listed on my first post and feel free to email me as well. I have heard from one person and sent them a reply a few hours ago. I also am undergoing extensive testing and will report back with results as they come in. My beyond wonderful healthcare providers believe me and are addressing everything via testing, including fungus and mold, in case there is a connection. More later. Thank you to all, it’s great to realize we aren’t alone in our situations.

  36. This is happening to me as well. I think I am losing my mind collecting them and they are on my body or causing something else to reek havoc. My head and neck swell up and I get patches of fluid under my skin that itch too. I think my cat also is affected as he is scratching all the time in one area of his back. We both lost hair with no sign of any other sort of flea or bug. I went to the doctor they didn’t find anything. Also I think there is something tiny living with the string worm. I feel like I am losing my mind here.

  37. Welp, As promised, I’m back with results! I sent 3 containers with plenty of these moving hairlike organisms in them as well as 3 sticky tape tests to rule out ongoing pinworms. They were sent to Mayo for parid via the university lab. ALL were updated “NEGATIVE” or “No parasites seen”. The doctor that watched them move in his office then detailed in notes that, “patient says they move subtly, however, I did not see any movement of these hair-like organisms. Sorry everyone. I really thought we’d have gotten some answers. Oddly enough there were initially 2 in the container and 3 days later the sealed container contained several more. When I brought them to the lab the nurse rolled her eyes as if to indicate I had over-supplied unneccessary specimen and said, “these will be pared down and sent out.” I’d really love to know exactly what was sent but I suppose it doesn’t really matter.

    Medical community is not identifying these as parasitic. Extension office says its horsehair worms, but not to worry – they don’t infest humans. Vet says it’s probably normal, else “God help us all..”

    Ok, what prayer do we need to say to get these non-parasitic horsehair worms to stop moving around on our furniture, exiting our skin and taking up residence in our homes? All ears.

    Also, I notice Danielle, you bartend. I also bartended for 15 years in high volume establishments… I wonder if there’s any connection to the cash handling aspect and having this dreaded issue?

  38. Wow this is exactly what has been ruining my life, and skin for the past year. I have entire plaques on my scalp and face where these things come out of. Also on my feet, elbows, knees, and hands. It has traumatized me to the point I spend most my dads compulsive bathing and spending all my time and money looking for relief. I’ve been in and out of the ER, doctors, dermatologist, and have been asked if I’d like to stay in the psych ward. That is when things got dark and hopeless. I’m now 32 weeks pregnant and I’m scared to absolute death for my unborn child and wondering how I’m going to prevent passing it on after he’s born. I’m worried sick and don’t even leave my house because the discomfort and anxiety it causes. I’m so glad (well not really) to see I’m not alone, or crazy!

  39. I can’t believe what I’ve just read!! I’m so happy to know that I’m not crazy but devastated that there isn’t a cure. I don’t know how long I can go in like this. Its literally effecting every aspect of my life. I don’t have health insurance so my only real choice is the ER. I work as a bartender and I’m completely consumed with fear of spreading this, but I can’t afford to quit either. If anyone has any advice, solutions, or knows anything that may help, please let me know. Or anyone who wants to email or talk, I’m suffering in silence because I can’t bear to be called crazy again.

  40. Can anyone confirm that schistosomiasis or strongyloides do this? Most still images I take with Google Lens of the white ones says it’s Dirofilaria – heartworm. Some show me a photo of. Coyote or raccoon though. Has anyone experienced a pet or human case of dirofilaria? Do they do this?

  41. I am extremely happy I found this website with everyone here experiencing the exact same thing as me!! Everyone I have tried to tell or show thinks I am going completely nuts and it is SUPER FRUSTRATING. Eventually you start to think you are losing it and all you wanna do is stay home and cry. It definently isolates you. The worst part is the burning sensation as well as the itching. Does anyone here have ear pain as well? The hairs are on qtips after cleaning ears..UGH I am so tired if having sleepless nights!!
    Sarah Rose
    I need a support group someone email me please
    [email protected]

  42. It has something to do with Lyme disease I think that’s where it started I don’t know all I know is this is miserable I look awful I’ve had tooth loss now too. I’ve always been a girly girl and now I just don’t even care about anything anymore. I JUST sit in the house because I don’t want anyone to see me. I really don’t want to give it to anybody but honestly, I just don’t want anyone to see me.

  43. Um, just wanted to drop a note. Immediately after posting this, a random reddit prompt appeared in my email with a post saying,”it’s always termite frass.” Could that be the unknown? Termites? LOL

    Hear me out – when I thought we had some kind of mite, I found a reference that claimed termites could parasitize humans, but only if they were infected with a cat parasite. What if the worms are related to the termites that have cat parasites…. Termite / cat nematode correlation? What if silly internet surveillance capitalism just solved the mystery? I have no way to prove it, but targeted ads can be creepily accurate. : ?

  44. We have these in Chicago too. I had posted in December about what I thought was bird mites or pigeon lice on the windowsill and my daughter having intense itching and some kind of bug or worms around her gtube. Its now full out moving hair like black and white worms like what was shared as well as black worms with a distinct white band at the end. They’re free living, move around, some create knots like a gordian worm. Salt and bleach based dilutions, some hand sanitizers, kleen green, dimethicone based lotions will bring them right out of the skin and do make the moving ones on found on surfaces stop moving. But they’re everywhere.

    Past 9 months have been brutal trying to get diagnosed. We did get some help from PCI and treatment from a local doctor with allopathic meds, but none that have cured this. If it matters, we did have pinworms, d. fragilis, cryptococcous dividing, candida, klebsiella, ecoli and proteus vulgaris diagnosed from our reports. Also noted was dacrocytes on mine and my daughter’s blood smears, which suggests a Myelophthisic process. Some filarial nematodes can cause this type of anemia, none endemic to USA though. Our Ova Parasites tests havent identified any worm. Sticky tape found nematode so we treated for the obvious pinworms. Prescriptions for Albendazole, Ivermectin, Pyrantel, Permetherin haven’t nixed them. We did finally get an ID doc to send to pathology and they “lost” the specimen. Sending another next week.

    My two cats and I are also now afflicted. Ive gotten nowhere with dermatology. I did have opthamology confirm larval tracks in my vitrea but could not visualize a worm. I showed her a video of me pulling one of these out of my eye and she said, well I think you got it because I cant see another in your eye. Keep it wet. Come back if you see another.

    Vet said its probably normal and probably pet hair, but could not find lice or mites on the two cats, their stool tested negative for the typical cat parasites. She could offer no explanation for why would “cat hair” move and strike like snakes when prodded or wind itself up into a knot on my table. Told me my hair might move like that too after showing her video. I then informed her they were actually moving all over her shirt and the door mat at the moment. She admitted, “Well now I see it. I mean it’s gotta be normal, or else – God help us all, right?” She wasn’t too worried. Offered to send out the “cat hair” to prove they were static cat hairs to me, but then said it wouldn’t be cheap. I left. She’s a really nice vet, but cat hair doesn’t do this. It doesn’t come out of the skin and exit feet in mass amounts when taking albendazole. Neither do delusions.

    Extension office said these are horsehair worms. But they don’t infest humans.

    Brought some to our 2nd Infectious Disease appt. (First one was very nice but claimed it was delusional as he couldnt appreciate a known parasite that fit with this “array of symptoms and specimen”.)

    Second and 3rd ID docs were seen together last week as a team at a teaching hospital. I picked some off of our clothing and they watched them move right there in the office on a napkin and when I showed them they were all over our clothes they were totally stumped. One doc was zooming in and out with his iphone. I sprayed hand sanitizer and showed them coming out of palms. Stumped. Said free living worms don’t infect humans or aren’t generally visible like this and they really didn’t know what we have. One of the docs put them in a zip lock with a label, agreed to send them to pathology. Ordered a new stool sample to send to Mayo, repeat pinworm test to rule those out, but said, this likely isn’t the pinworms lets just see. Pathology called the doc the next day and said the bag was empty upon arrival to the lab. So they’ve asked for another specimen to be brought in, this time in a tightly closed urine specimen container. I’m dropping them off Monday. I’ll report back next week or when they get back to me about what their pathology calls it.

    This is either something neglected that no one has seen here, or hasn’t appreciated the free living stage of or symbionts in that it’s visibly moving, on and off the body, or a new type of hairworm that has figured out they like humans. I believe its somehow related to cat capillaria or strongyloides. Maybe raccoon roundworm, rat lungworm but those are all pretty well defined. I’d love for it to be something treatable.

    Our exposure includes many possibilities. Frequent past travel, long term 6 month ICU hospital stay, my daughter has had over 20 blood transfusions, birds had nested on flat roof of my residence, a wasp nest was found outside her room, raccoons and chipmunks nested and died in the walls and ductwork of our summerhome and one of the cats got out for 3 days when we moved here last year. There’s also dogs downstairs. Woof.

    The moving worms werent initially noticed or maybe that part of the cycle started after around 6 months of the onset of what we initially thought was lice or bird mites but were ultimately treated as pinworms. The cats were given frontline at the same time. We have never had an ectoparasite or infestation appreciated or any worm beyond pinworms – which don’t move around the house or infest cats. We had plenty of pathogenic yeast, bacteria and such though.

    When we took the medication albendazole to deworm, our feet became increasingly itchy and the outright burned about 6 hours later. Very intense. Black organic stuff came out of our feet. Not sure if it was worms or fungus or cysts. It was strings of gunk that had chunks in it. Whatever it is seems to like to exit the feet and hands but will exit anywhere when certain topicals are applied. So were talking about a follicular looking fungus eating worm that infests cats and humans and lives on and off the body. The last doctor told me, “When you can’t connect the issues, think connective tissue”. I hope they connect the issues and I promise if we find answers I’ll share them here.

    Hang in there everyone. This will either turn out to be something obvious that isnt known to be here or some new species. Hopefully it gets identified in our lifetime.

  45. Hi all. I’m so glad to find you all, and yet not so glad that you all have the exact same thing I have.

    The Good News is that I LOVE to RESEARCH things very thoroughly and I have a background in biology and also healing. I have learnt more than I ever cared to learn about the mind boggling array of zoonotic parasites, taxonomy and the details of the life cycles and varying diseases they cause.

    I was hoping to get Everyone’s Email and start a group. I am working on a subreddit for this crazy, and crazy-making ?infection. So, if you are interested in joining me on finding solutions, sharing, venting, whatever… I would welcome you all as I get the isolation, the crazy nods of “Sure you have a parasite”, the Lonliness and feeling like a leper.
    Please respond to this post with your first name, email, locate and estimated mo/yr of infection.

    It’s been almost 3 years since the evidence began appearing, but I realize that it has been going on for a Long Long time, beginning around 2010 – YES, that far back.

    Anyhow I have been compiling a list of symptoms, chronologically. I also have roughly 9000+ photos of this multi organism affliction – Yes, it is a multi organism deal.

    If any of you are interested in figuring this out with me, please respond to this post with your names, emails and geographic location along with the estimated date/year you noticed things changing with your body, mind, memory, energy, mood, attention, outlook, and motivation levels.

    Additionally it’s likely that at least a few of you have some whacky red and white blood cell issues, have been diagnosed with New and Accumulating Autoimmune Diseases/Disorders, Allergies, Gingivitis, Vascular issues, Kidney, Liver irregularities and New Gastrointestinal issues (from the bottom up to your mouth), maybe ADD/ADHD, Pain Syndromes and last but not least, High Anxiety (the kind that causes you to unconsciously hold your breath and suddenly need to take a big, open-mouth, gasp-like inhalation, Insomnia & Depression.

    Additionally, if you have pets, theyre also suffering and likely have been diagnosed with skin/food allergies, scratch incessantly at their ears, get loopy from time to time, get open wounds maybe on their nose, red swellings above an eye and possibly red tear duct drainage.

    If all or most of this is way too familiar, please join me. I would love to share what I have learned and anything else related to getting rid of this nightmare.

    My email is [email protected].

  46. SWMO
    7-ish months give or take a few weeks and last 2 have been a living nightmare.
    I began to feel biting but more so felt like stinging. I assumed bedbugs due to locations I had been during previous weeks as well as bringing home someone else’s laundry to wash for them. Every bit of research proved I was not dealing with bedbugs and the internet was not much help.
    I have these worm type threads. I however am also dealing with some sort of mite. I have watched my own hair move as though something was using it as a bridge to my face. I have been on 3 rounds of ivermection and have 3 different types of gel and ointments prescribed and nothing has worked. It’s not morgellions as these things are burrowing and not exiting my body. The only relief I found was short lived and extreme but pouring 91% rubbing alcohol over my body while in the shower. Bought me 2 days of minor relief. My family doesn’t believe me since all they see is thread, balls of lint and microscopic God only knows. I mention the mites because I’ve pulled out the strands I’ve seen move to find its being orchestrated by what looks like another piece of smaller hair.
    Please if anyone figures this out, please post.

  47. I’m glad to see the original post and the replies here. I just hit year three of this. I have called a few major cities home yet Dallas was where I spent the majority of time both in childhood and later in adulthood. Additionally, I have travelled the globe extensively from a young age through 2018. Like you all, I have experienced mistreatment from the medical community and after two ER trips and seeing at least ten doctors, I know the darkness and despair that ensues with each humiliating appointment. This is a terrifying and all consuming plight, but we need to keep our hats on and stay strong. There are so many of “us” out there. Some know they have it, others don’t. I’m so very glad to say that I have found help and have two brilliant medical professionals actively investigating along with myself. We will not stop until we identify this organism(s). If anyone has had any direct microscopy or other scientific testing outside of the norm from the two standard laboratories, please email me or reply here with what you have discovered. We are blasting into testing this week and likely straight through the next month or two. I refuse to die from this and since it destroyed my body and my beloved career, figuring out how to kill this organism is now my primary focus. Truly, fight your way through the feelings of helplessness and stay tuned for the results that will ultimately help us all. Please email any scientific research/microscopy findings that could be helpful to me and my medical professionals to
    [email protected]
    Kindly, please don’t send me your personal images and videos because I have 11k of my own. I welcome scientific and personal emails. I’ll also check in here for replies.
    With love,

  48. Same as mine. It’s schistosomiasis or Strongyloidiasis. I’m irradiating with praziquantel, ferritin itinerary and artemisinin.

  49. I’m in the UK and I have recently found d these almost polyester fibre like worms everywhere in my house and my body…I have them in my rear area and even my ears now! But they’re also all.over my house it seems. I’ve been taking a worm treatment for thread worms as that’s what I thought they were but they seem too small for that! I’m glad I’m not alone. The things I’ve found are just like the picture above, almost like an ultra front hair but one that moves slightly on its own…im freaked out and worried I can’t rid myself and house and family of them…can anyone help? I don’t believe its morgollons…

  50. I am so sorry each of you are going thru this bit o am so relieved to know I am not the only one!! It is ruining my life! Please feel free to contact me to discuss to hopefully find a cure for us all!!

  51. I am crying in relief that I am not crazy

    I’ve had the exact same problem for a few years. It’s torture! Little things popping out of my skin. Crawling, floating. In my eyes, nose, mouth. Now I’m afraid my 2 year old grand baby has it too! I don’t know what to do!! My email is open if anyone has any advice or information to help. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in this, even though I’m sorry yall are suffering as well. Love to each of you

    [email protected]

  52. I have these all over me and my house also . I have pulled them out of my feet . I have extreme tiredness and weight gain major and other symptoms. Nothing helps . I need a doctor that believes me they tell me I’m crazy

    1. I used Lysol wipes on my face it broke out in my desperation eggs came out my eyelids. And the clear worms came out my lashes. I also think they replace you hair inside the pores. They come out your intestine walls then move in young larva stage to the throat and ears mouth eyes like a cold sore or a snotty eye like pink eye. Then nose next you get circle sores around all your face opening. Then you can see the clear worm when you pull the scab off in a circle or it breaks as you pull at an infected hair but it pulls back snaps and makes you feel like it’s alive then bright lights come out it is alive oh no what now so go to ER and they laughed and looked at the freak and treat you like a crazy nasty drug addict who is just picking fake worms. So you go home knowing you and your family are being eaten alive and your 10 yr old son is dieing too from a parasite a Vet would have helped you more because life isn’t like Good Doctor were they fix your problem if it takes dozens of tests or a team. If it was 1percent like good doctor we be a better world.

    2. I used Lysol wipes on my face it broke out in my desperation eggs came out my eyelids. And the clear worms came out my lashes. I also think they replace you hair inside the pores. They come out your intestine walls then move in young larva stage to the throat and ears mouth eyes like a cold sore or a snotty eye like pink eye. Then nose next you get circle sores around all your face opening. Then you can see the clear worm when you pull the scab off in a circle or it breaks as you pull at an infected hair but it pulls back snaps and makes you feel like it’s alive then bright lights come out it is alive oh no what now so go to ER and they laughed and looked at the freak and treat you like a crazy nasty drug addict who is just picking fake worms. So you go home knowing you and your family are being eaten alive and your 10 yr old son is dieing too from a parasite a Vet would have helped you more because life isn’t like Good Doctor were they fix your problem if it takes dozens of tests or a team. If it was 1percent like good doctor we be a better world.

  53. I’m not sure if you have had anyone answer you. But I believe I know exactly what your dealing with. As I have also Been dealing with it too much more of an extreme, for four years!!
    It, They, are called Morgellons !!
    It is the worst thing I have ever had to deal with. But have found some relief knowing that I am not the only one suffering from this.
    I have seen a Specialist at Oregon health sciences university in Portland Oregon regarding this issue. I am guessing that you may have different signs on your skin also I will go ahead and hand with these things that you found on your clothing and your fabric.
    If you would like to email me, I can go into further detail and wait for you to articles that I know of. Best of luck. L. ( [email protected] )

  54. I am so glad I found this – I have been suffering in silence for so long and your descriptions are EXACTLY what I’ve been experiencing. I have so many similar videos yet no one seems to think this is a real problem – I’ve been told by many that I am going crazy, so I I stopped talking about it openly with others and I’m afraid to even mention it to my doctor or bring samples of the organisms to an extension office.

    If possible, I’d love to connect with the author of this question/video to share and compare our journeys dealing with these thread/work-like organisms. And if not, thank you for sharing – I feel much less alone on this struggle.

  55. I have so many of these videos if u look real close there is another tinier hair thing on the one that moves almost like it’s riding on it lol but then if u get real close the camera shows that the hair or worm has a full circular body and head

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