What Worm “Came Out of a Human Being”

We recently received a short message and a picture from one of our readers. He explained, “What is this? It came out of a human being. It didn’t come from me but from someone that I care for very much.” He didn’t elaborate on how they discovered this worm. Did they find it in the toilet after a bowel movement? Did the worm crawl out of a wound? Since he didn’t elaborate, we assume they discovered it in the toilet:

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Our reader also didn’t mention if the worm was discovered alive or dead. While this might seem like a minor detail, it can be a revealing hint. If the worm was alive, then it might be parasitic. However if it is dead than the person could have accidentally eaten it and then expelled it from their body and it might not be parasitic. Here is a closer look at the specimen:

We believe this looks like some type of larvae, but we aren’t able to identify it further. Unfortunately, there is not very much we can offer our reader besides our recommendation that whoever this worm came out of see a doctor as soon as possible. Since we aren’t medical professionals, we are not licensed to give medical advice of any kind. We also don’t feel comfortable speculating on whether or not this specimen is a parasite, since that deals quite closely with the health of the person who this worm came out of. We think they should see a doctor as soon as possible and bring the worm in a small container to be examined if possible.

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To wrap up, one of our readers wrote to us about a worm that came out someone he cares for. We encourage them to visit a doctor since we aren’t licensed to give medical advice.

What Worm "Came Out of a Human Being"
Article Name
What Worm "Came Out of a Human Being"
One of our readers wrote to us about a worm that came out someone he cares for. We encourage them to visit a doctor since we aren't licensed to give medical advice.


  1. Marlaina waligorski

    Hello. I also have hair coming out of me and so many more symptoms. I also just had that same thing fall out of me wile going to bathroom. All Dr’s think I’m crazy. All lab test come back neg. Just today a test came back negative. I’m in pain all the time. I clean and minutes later things are back. Please help.

  2. Bo

    Yes these are some type of worm, but they are very small. I have been dealing with this about a year
    Has not been a nice ride. Yes the bathroom and kitchen are the worst places. This worm is in all kingdoms I believe human animal plant. They spread fungi and it burns the skin. They group up in what they call best
    And take threads of material; and especially HAIR. THSES SPECIES OF WORMS ARE THE CAUSE OF MORGELLONS DISEASE. I have good pix and video to back that up
    I have so.much more I could talk about. Oh these are some type of FILARIA . My question is what is the name of this type of worm?

  3. Pat

    Hi I have getting bites and have sores on my arms legs hair ect. The sites take a long time to heal. Sometimes I feel crawling usually find a small white or cream colored thing.Maybe larva that crawels. They also bite my ears and and go towards my eyes. I use thera tears. This did not happen until spring. We are on a canyon and have a lot of open space. Hawks, many birds, squirells ,rabbits. Lizards. The big guy did find an empty next and remove it. We had samples of bugs for him to if but he did not know. He was nice. We have ants,maybe termites,earwigs,silverfish,spiders. I find small white things. Maybe eggs. Something might be airborn. I find white stick looking things. The bites develop scabs that itch and are Amber colored sometimes. We bought a small microscope because all the many doctors are not sure what it is. We have seen small white thin thread shape looks like worms? I have photos of the biting bugs. It is worse in the kitchen and bathroom. Is there a way to send some photos? Some look like half moon some look like maybe larva of an insect. The small stick things maybe mites?
    Thank you
    What could it be

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