What is Tiny Brown Worm Found in Carpet?

We recently heard from a reader in New York City, “I found this tiny worm-like bug in my carpet but it might have come from another part of my apartment. It was trying to wriggle down into the carpet and I don’t see any more but I haven’t looked too closely. Do you have any idea what it is? Should I be concerned?” She sent us a photograph of the specimen on a tissue:

We can see that the worm is brown, but when we zoom in, the creature becomes incredibly blurry. We aren’t able to discern if it has legs, a segmented body, or any other significant features. Since we don’t know anything about this creature other than its color, we can’t identify it with certainty, but we will discuss a brown worm-like organism we think it might be!

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We think this might be a carpet beetle larva. Since our reader found this worm in her carpet, this seems especially appropriate. Carpet beetle larvae are extremely common household pests that feed on a wide range of household goods such as wool clothing, feather-stuffed pillows, carpeting, and upholstered furniture. They have small bodies that range in color from rusty orange to dark brown. We don’t think the creature closely resembles a carpet beetle larva, but it could be a match. Here is a picture of one so our reader can compare:

If our reader believes she is dealing with carpet beetle larvae, she will need to embark on an intense cleaning regime to rid her apartment of them. First, she will need to figure out the primary food source for the larvae (likely her carpet) and remove it from her apartment. Next, she should dust, vacuum, sweep, and do laundry every day to get rid of any other potential food sources laying around. She should keep this regime up for 2-4 weeks, or until she is confident her home is carpet beetle larvae free!

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Even if our reader doesn’t think the specimen she found is a carpet beetle larva, we still think she should investigate her carpet and apartment to see if there are more of these organisms hiding out. If she finds more specimens, she might be dealing with some sort of household pest. If she doesn’t find any more, she doesn’t need to worry about the tiny brown organism. Although we never want our homes to be crawling with worms, small organisms do sneak in from time to time and are nothing to stress about!

In conclusion, we aren’t sure about the brown worm our reader found in her carpet. It could be a carpet beetle larvae, but we can’t tell from the photograph. If our reader is still concerned about this specimen, we invite her to send us a clear picture or more detailed description!

What is Tiny Brown Worm Found in Carpet?
Article Name
What is Tiny Brown Worm Found in Carpet?
We think this might be a carpet beetle larva. Since our reader found this worm in her carpet, this seems especially appropriate.

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

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