What do earthworms eat?

One of our readers was curious about what earthworms eat. Worms generally have some sort of variety in their diet. There are thousands of species of earthworms and they are located all over the world. Usually the diets of earthworms depend on the type of climate they live in and the type of worm that they are.


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Earthworms are generally placed into three different categories: epigeic, endogeic, and anecic.  The category that they are placed in depends on their diet and the environment where they live. Epieic earthworms live on the surface of the soil. These earthworms can pretty much live in any climate on earth. These worms can often be found in compost bins and are commonly known as red wigglers.

Endogeic earthworms live within the soil. They burrow into the soil in search of nutrients. Anecic earthworms have traits of both worms. They also burrow into the dirt and they do so vertically. This is the largest variety of earthworms in the world.

Generally speaking, all earthworms eat soil and decaying matter. Decaying matter can be anything in the soil like dead leaves, dead grass, or dead animals. They will also eat fungi and bacteria that is in the soil that they are burrowing in.

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What do earthworms eat?
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What do earthworms eat?
One of our readers was curious about what earthworms eat. Worms generally have some sort of variety in their diet.

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