What Did Reader Find in Washing Machine?

We recently received a very interesting (and slightly disturbing) message from one of our readers. She wrote us on behalf of her friend, who discovered something odd in her washing machine, which is pictured below. We have included most of the original message below, with some minor editing.

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“My friend noticed her clothes were smelling funny in her washing machine despite running multiple cycles.  When she unscrewed the hose from the machine she thought there could be a clog. When she sprayed water through the hose, these meaty worm-like creatures came out.  She thinks the hose may have chopped them into pieces. She said it smelled terrible. She said she didn’t notice eyes or distinguishing body parts on any of the worm pieces, and the pieces themselves are meaty and firm, not slimy or squishy.”

Our reader mentioned that there was a really bad flood in the area that lasted for about a week. She also informed us that her friend is linked to the city water system, not running off a septic tank of any kind. She wants to know if this is a common problem with an easy solution, or if they should reach out to the city.

We have never heard of anything quite like this situation! While we have read about people discovering worms in their washing machines, those worms were nothing like the meaty specimens this woman has discovered. In that situation, the creatures were identified as drain fly larvae, which are common worms discovered in water and plumbing systems. After looking closely at the photograph, we are not confident that these specimens are even worms. If the flood our reader mentioned was bad, might the chopped up pieces actually be parts of small fish? This might explain their meaty texture. Of course, where the fish came from in the first place is still a mystery.

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Unfortunately, we don’t have answers for our reader. We don’t have experience with a situation such as this one, so we can’t offer any solutions to this problem other than to clean out the hose and washing machine. If any of our other readers have had similar experiences, we invite them to comment below.

What Did Reader Find in Washing Machine?
Article Name
What Did Reader Find in Washing Machine?
We received a very interesting message from one of our readers. She wrote us on behalf of her friend, who discovered something odd in her washing machine.

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