What are the Spots on the Ceiling?

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We just received an odd message from one of our readers. She wrote, “Tell me if you can see this on my ceiling please.” She didn’t ask us any of the questions we usually hear like, “What kind of worm is this?” or “How do I get rid of these specimens?” She also didn’t provide any background information about her ceiling or a potential infestation she might dealing with. However, she did include a photograph:

Based off of our reader’s message, we assume that this is her ceiling. We see some small dark yellow spots on it. We think these spots might be the this she is referring to when she asked us, “Tell me if you can see this on my ceiling.” We definitely notice the spots on her ceiling, but we have no idea what these spots are. We aren’t sure if they are worm-related or due to something totally different. We would guess that the spots are worm-related, or that at least she believes they are worm-related, since she did write to us at “All About Worms.”

So, what could the spots on our reader’s ceiling be? We aren’t sure what these spots are. Readers have found worm-like organisms on their ceilings before, so we suppose these might be fly larvae or something similar. Pantry moth larvae, for example, crawl onto walls and ceilings when they are ready to pupate and mature into adult moths. These spots could be pantry moth larvae, but we cannot confirm this without more information. We think these spots could also potentially be water spots, which are the result of a leaky roof. We don’t know enough about our reader’s situation to determine if the spots are worm-related, weather-related, or due to something completely different.

To conclude, a reader sent us a photo of her ceiling with some spots on it. We do not know what the spots are. If our reader is still curious, she can send in additional photos, detailed questions, or messages.


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What are the Spots on the Ceiling?
Article Name
What are the Spots on the Ceiling?
A reader sent us a photo of her ceiling with some spots on it. We do not know what the spots are.

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Author: Worm Researcher Dori

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