Tiny Worm in Bathroom Sink


Although this creature has an odd way of moving, it is still hard to place. Without a more detailed picture, we aren’t able to determine for sure what she is dealing with. Based on what we know, we guess that she is probably dealing with moth fly larvae. These are found so often in bathrooms, in sinks, and in showers that these moth flies are nicknamed “drain flies”. The larvae are likely feeding on organic matter trapped in the drain or pipes. Our reader should use a drain cleaner that is known to specifically kill organic matter. This should eliminate the food source of the moth fly larvae, and therefore eliminate the pests. She should also deep clean her bathroom to avoid future bug infestations!

To sum up, our reader sent in a video of a larva she found in her bathroom sink. We believe this is moth fly larva, which is often found in bathrooms!

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Tiny Worm in Bathroom Sink
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Tiny Worm in Bathroom Sink
A reader recently sent us in a video with the following question, “what type of worm is this? I found several of these hanging by thread and falling on my bathroom counter and sink”. The video shows a very small, very thin worm-like creature moving around in her sink. The video isn’t very close up, so it’s hard to say exactly what the pest looks like. It looks like it is a brown color, and using the sink for size comparison; we would say it is about 1 cm long. It moves very curiously. Only the ends of the creature come into contact with the surface of the sink, and it hops forward using it’s tail and head.

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  1. Jasleen

    Ok so we have these tiny little worms around our bathroom sink, and we honestly don’t know where they are coming from. Before these worms came we had the tiniest gray bugs that would crawl. We are so confused and disgusted, we did pour draino down our sink but they still came back. Please help us.

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