Tiny White “Worms” In Bathroom Faucet are Drain Fly Larvae

We just heard from a reader who discovered some tiny white “worms” around her bathroom faucet. She didn’t include a photograph so all we know about the organisms are that they are small and white. We suppose the creatures could be worms, but we think they are probably larvae. To be more specific, we believe they are drain fly larvae.

Drain fly larvae (also called “moth fly larvae”, “sewer fly larvae”, and “filter fly larvae”) are commonly discovered by our readers in sinks, tubs, and drains. These small worm-like organisms live in and around drains, pipes, and under drain plugs and screens. They feed on the gelatinous film that builds up in these areas. Drain flies and their larvae can be found both indoors and outdoors at any time of the year in moist coastal regions.

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We are happy to report that getting rid of drain fly larvae is a relatively easy process. Our reader will simply need to clean the bathroom faucet. She should use a cleaning agent that is designed to eliminate organic matter so that the gelatinous film the larvae are eating is completely removed. As long as she is cleaning the faucet, we think it would also be wise to clean the rest of the bathroom. She should make sure the bathtub faucet and drain, sink drain, and toilet are free of the organic matter that the larvae feed on. Cleaning these areas regularly will help ensure that the drain fly larvae (and other unwanted visitors) don’t return.

To end, a reader found small white “worms” in her bathroom faucet. We think these “worms” are probably drain fly larvae. However, we don’t have a photograph to confirm this identification. If our reader doesn’t think drain fly larvae are a match to what are in her faucet, we encourage her to send us a photograph of the organisms, or to send in more descriptive details.


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Tiny White Worms In Bathroom Faucet
Article Name
Tiny White Worms In Bathroom Faucet
A reader found small white "worms" in her bathroom faucet. We think these "worms" are probably drain fly larvae.

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

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