Tiny Black Worms On Skin Remain a Mystery

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One of our readers recently reached out to us with a worm-related health concern. She explained that she has discovered tiny black worm-like organisms in her house and on her skin. She described the mysterious creatures as “the size of a head of a pin.” She wants to know what she is dealing with. She sent us a photograph of a minuscule specimen on what we think is either her arm or leg. Using a strand of hair for size comparison, we can understand just how tiny this organism is:

We aren’t sure what this creature is. One thing that is throwing us off is the fact that the specimens are not only on her skin but also around her house. We are curious where exactly they are in her house. Is the population limited to a specific area or room, or are they everywhere? These details are important since the location of where worm-like organisms are discovered can be really helpful when trying to identify them. This is because the discovery location usually also reveals the desired food source of the creature, which is a big clue when determining species. For example, if our reader found this creature in her bathroom, we might believe it to be a drain fly larva, since drain fly larvae eat the organic material that builds up in a drain. On the other hand, if the organism wasn’t found in her bathroom but in her bedroom or living room, we might explore the possibility of it being either flea larva or carpet beetle larva, since the materials they eat are more likely to be found in a bedroom or living room and less likely to be found in a bathroom. Without more information, we can’t confidently attempt to name this specimen. Also, since these worms are on our reader’s skin, we think it’s a good idea for her to make an appointment with a doctor. This worm doesn’t look like any of the parasites we are familiar with, but since we aren’t medical professionals we think it’s best she confirms this with a doctor.

To deal with the organisms in her house, we recommend that she thoroughly cleans whatever area the worms are in, or her entire home if they are all over. No matter the species, getting rid of most household pests depends solely on cleaning since cleaning will often eliminate whatever food sources the creatures are munching on. She can start by dusting, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming her home. She might also want to wash all of her bedding, linens, towels, and sofa covers, especially if she has pets (since some organisms feed on animal hair and dander.) As we mentioned above, we encourage her to clean in addition to seeing a doctor, just to be on the safe side!

While we weren’t able to offer an exact identification for whatever creature our reader is dealing with, we hope cleaning her home and seeing a doctor will help her say goodbye to these tiny black worm-like organisms.


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Tiny Black Worms On Skin Remain a Mystery
Article Name
Tiny Black Worms On Skin Remain a Mystery
One of our readers recently reached out to us with a worm-related health concern. She explained that she has discovered tiny black worm-like organisms in her house and on her skin.

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Author: Worm Researcher Dori

9 thoughts on “Tiny Black Worms On Skin Remain a Mystery

  1. figured it out!! scabies! the little worms are its poop! my hubby has been working in the yard/dirt for almost 2 months. the dogs rolled in the dirt and loved it. we are now infested. its hard not to sit and stare at your body constantly. gotta just put a shirt on. its disgusting.

  2. I’m having the same issue.Was going to go to doctor,, but was afraid. Me and my dog have this and it’s driving me crazy to say the least. How somebody please,, how do we get rid of this???

  3. I know someone that has this problem has anyone found out any thing cause I kinda thought this person was seeing something I couldn’t see and saying something was in there skin and picked at it but some places were little black specks on skin then other places were little white places swollen then on there hand had bigger places they mentioned this about a year ago they don’t stay at the house a lot but I just thought maybe they just think that they fogged and there were little white thin on pool table and living room and on some clothes then after reading these comments I felt bad for thinking it was in his head and I hate that I didn’t trust him trying to prove this to me for over a year he never mentioned finding anything in bathroom but had fogged for fleas and in our area of ky mostly if you have been walking in the woods there was the tiniest ticks that could move faster than a flea or if you walked in the weeds they would get all over you just wondering if it could be from fleas or a new kinda tick that has been around this area in ky for the last 4 years

  4. I have two dogs and we have had these hair worms for three years.. they show up with black light on sofa and clothing.. they hate hydrogen peroxide and mouth eash… we have just started ivermectin worming paste and I’ve mixed ivermectin with water in a spray bottle and spray that before backing and I wash my clothing in hot water and rinse in hot water too

  5. See I know it’s been a long time since this went up but I have the same thing here only difference is that the work like thing when it shows up on my body and I go to take it off it’s pulling on something inside my body it’s creeping me out. It’s not only on us it’s on my dogs too?? it’s left me confused at this point

  6. Has anyone managed to find out any kind of information about these worm type parasites? I have a friend with the same problem and so far she has had no luck with her G. P. It has become more of an issue than just the parasites now. As this is effecting her mental health and wellbeing. Due to the Unknown factor of them, she feels like nobody understands or even believes that this is an ongoing situation and not just in her head. Please for the best interests and mental well-being of my friend can anyone out there offer any advice or information about these worm type parasites. God bless you all.

  7. We are having the same thing going on they come out of your skin. I’ve wormed my cat and dog but I think it my be some kind of worm we see little black specks all over our arms there everywhere .We are taking Resses pinworm med we got some issues going on with roundworms and pinworm and what ever else is going on .We just moved out of a house we rented that was full of mold we lived there a month and all this started happing .The back yard was fenced in and the tenants before us had dogs and there was poop still there so we are in a mess all we could do was call the health dept. The landlord knew there was a mold issue and me and my daughter keep a clean house I have a 15 yr old dog that I take very good care of and if something happens to her because of the mold look out landlord this dog has never left my side and I can’t see my life without her in it . Mold causes alot of strange things I’ve seen some wierd stuff in that house .All we want is our deposit back.Mold that bad is dangerous.

    1. Hey did you find anything out about this!? I too moved from a property full of mould but it followed me. I have thin hair like worms on everything I own, all of my clothes , carpets shoes chairs etc, I can buy new clothes and they’re covered in hairs in a day. I also see hairs moving about the house , feel crawling and biting, have bites / rash all over my back and my dog has a mystery skin problem always itchy has lesions . Vets just say Some kind of allergy. When I feel crawling there will always be a tiny black or sometimes white spec on my skin. They love my nose ears and eyelashes. I’m going insane due to lack of sleep. I clean top to bottom of the house daily, put all clothes in a vacuum bag but I can never get rid of it. Sometimes it gives me a day or two off and I think I’m saved , then .. whallop. Back with a vengeance. They are also now growing out of my skin. I have 1 million photos but without someone sitting there to see the movement , the itching etc etc the photos don’t show a lot . Please help me I can’t go on much longer

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