Thin, Clear Worm-like Organisms Infest This Reader’s Clothing in Oklahoma

“I really hope you can help us” pleads this reader in Oklahoma, who is concerned about the “long, very thin, clear worm things” she has been finding in her clothes. “I don’t think that they are parasitic, but they are seriously horrible.”

Upon moving in to a new place, our reader discovered these organisms on her clothing. After drying her clothes, the spots in which the worms were found were still damp. “I have tried everything I could think of to get them out of our clothes, but nothing has helped,” she reports. At this point, all of her clothes are infested, and she is looking for help from us.

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To be frank, this is nothing we have seen before. We have heard of hair-thin worms before, but never ones that look like this and infest clothing. Typically, the type of pests people find on their clothing are clothes moth larvae and carpet beetle larvae, but neither of these two organisms look like the ones our reader found. Contrarily, they are an ovate shape, and either white (in the case of the clothes moth larvae) or brown/black (carpet beetle larvae). The hair-think worms people typically find are horsehair worms, but these creatures are usually black in color and do not infest clothing.

What we recommend that our reader do is be on the lookout for casemaking clothes moth larvae. These little guys make silken cases for themselves as they feed on various textiles. These cases can often leave behind strands of silk, and this could be what our reader is finding. So, she can look for the cases themselves, which will look like little tubes of the same clear-white material, as well as any roaming larvae. If she does find larvae, then a mix of consistent laundering (of all organic-based materials in the home) and vacuum/steam cleaning (of all carpets and other textiles which can withstand this treatment), should be enough to eliminate the infestation. She should repeat this a few times a week for a couple of weeks. If our reader is sure that the strands themselves are the organisms, then we recommend that she take some samples to her local county extension office (provided that they are open during the pandemic) to get them identified.

In conclusion, it is unfortunate that we are not able to identify these organisms. We really have never seen anything quite like this and we do not want to give any potentially false identifications. Nonetheless, we hope that the information and advice in this article proves helpful to our reader, and we wish her the best.

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Thin, Clear Worm-like Organisms Infest This Reader's Clothing in Oklahoma
Article Name
Thin, Clear Worm-like Organisms Infest This Reader's Clothing in Oklahoma
"I really hope you can help us" pleads this reader in Oklahoma, who is concerned about the "long, very thin, clear worm things" she has been finding in her clothes. "I don't think that they are parasitic, but they are seriously horrible."


  1. My wife and I have been going through this since February. First it was just regular white worms from something else then it morphed into two or more different types. In February it changed to clear worms. It took awhile to figure it out after being told we were crazy and they couldn’t find any parasite. Well maybe it’s not the regular type of parasite I’ve told 5 different doctors!! My poor wife has scars all over her body bc unfortunately, the idea of a worm in her skin freaked her out so she would pick. And that makes it worse, especially to doctors because if they don’t know what it is, they say it’s on your head. I had them coming out of my nose in my upper lip, my fingers my scalp. Then my ferrets got it from us handling them or they’re food before we knew what was going on. We think we got it from a few different ways, I let a kid stay here that had worms in his foot unbeknownst to us, then we had a 100-year-old pipe crack in the two story house we live in and my landlord didn’t know for almost a week and a half. Although insulation on the heating ductwork got soggy wet and he never changed it. My downstairs neighbor cranks her heat and is a hoarder. She has the worms that look like paint dot with a tail. But won’t admit it. Once those clear worms infest it’s so hard to get rid of them we’re still dealing with it now I had them in my hair also. And I wear contacts so I ended up with them in my eyes I definitely have some pretty cool pictures but for some reason doctors don’t seem to care. But I’ve been out of work a year I’ve had to take my ferets to the vet a few times for different issues and I feel so bad for them because it gets caught in there fur. We’ve spent thousands on vet bills and cleaning products I’m financially broke and mentally broken as well. They have gotten into the water line and screwed everything up. Good luck with everything. I’m thinking about buying the test they offer on here from health labs. And call someone that deals aquariums.. I already went the exterminator route.

  2. Amanda Mahoney

    I have FIGURED IT OUT! Okay, so the clear/white “worm things” are in fact spider mite strands. The reason that I can’t seem to get rid of them is because the strands have eggs, larvae, and instars. They float and move all on their own. Spider mites are a nuisance, but not parasitic to us humans. The big problem I have is not spider mites, it is the bird/rodent mites that live naturally in my garage. They ARE parasitic to mammals… me….THEY ARE HORRIBLE! They are also VERY difficult to get rid of. What I suggest is that you contact a few exterminators in your area. The first question you should ask is how do they kill “Nictating” (yes it is spelled correctly) C. Elegans(also spelled correctly) if they have no idea what you’re talking about, go on to the next one…by the way, that really is a thing, Google it! My email is [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. Good luck!

  3. Heidi Gholam

    I have the same exact thing going on. they are coming out of my ears scalp nose everywhere.I wash my clothes with every detergent/sanitizing agent/vinegar/etc, theyll be off the clothes but in a minute im covered again. I have moved two times and thrown away my clothes and furniture but they dont go away. my poor dog is miserable. he is so confused and squeels, he started doing this thing where he cna smell them now and barks randomly at things. I Clean 3-4 x a day. I cant even get my work done, cause im too busy cleaning or inspecting my clothes etc.I was told i have morgellons. but this is not something fibrous coming out of my skin. its a worm. 100 percent. they burrow into the skin and hatch and break into a milliion pieces. they float in the air . they literally blend into whatever surface they are on, and they also have this white sticky paint drop looking phase, and I have to use a hard brush and bleach to get them off. I know this cause my carpet will suddenly have these white paint spills (super tiny drops) but ill get em off and then somewhere else another one appears. ON the walls and ceiling , random black smudge like lines and dots .
    When I shower , i see little black tangled knots coming off my body and trying to fight the water down the drain. and If i look close , as im rinsing myself in the water, i see all these little white crystals or hairs . my body has debris that is not natural!! I lost all my hair. I would find white strands in my hair , and id take them out moving. They’d fight me as id try to get them out, they were in fact Alive. My ears are the worst. I feel like a million of them are in there hatching evry day and then getting into my scalp and skin . my whole body looks like its been attacked by mosquitos or mites . and they leave a little scab hole that looks like a worm hole. I have lost everything in this battle against these guys, I even had one of my teeth fall into my mouth in the middle of the night and inside the tooth i found weird orange brown thing. No one beilieves me. even when i show them my hairs moving in water. When i show them the lint roller that has all kinds of bugs that came off of my clothes or body. Is it a fly is it a worm is it a caterpillar. I doint know . all I know is its fuzzy and its hairlike and the eggs are black dotted ; and the white mold like phase is also a lifestage . it has to be something thats going around. something mutated perhaps yes. I truly believe clothes carry these things and spread them around. I cant help but think they were purposely put there to infest the populations. My familys home. my boyfriends home, everywhere i go I see them. I don’t think alot of people notice them yet..but when they become so many, then its something you cant ignore. when i look at the vents , theyre covered in tiny thin black hair like things /or worms. Theyre everywhere. Im probably inhaling them as I write this. I dont think its ever going to go away.
    ]My email is [email protected], please send me a message if you are experiencing the same, and or have any lead as to whats going on. doctors nowadays are lazy and ignorant. Just because they don’t know the answer, they turn us away and say we;re crazy / delusional. They wont even take a bit of their time to run tests. Some wont even take the time to look at my skin or scalp. LIKE SERIOUSLY????

    my guess so far is pinworms-
    -horsehair nematodes
    -black flies

    or crossbreed of all 3 . I mean could it be some hybrid new organism

  4. Heidi Gholam

    They might be pinworms ?

  5. Becky Bumstead

    Please keep us all informed. Both of you, the initial question as well as the above response as I 100% know what you refer to. I’m even thinking that it may be a new mutated or genetically altered accident as I find it difficult if not impossible to have identified myself. All I’ve had are responses implying that I am crazy or delusional. Please reply to this thread. Thanks.

  6. I have experienced and see the same exact thing. Do roundworms molt? Or is is the filial form of a roundworm? I have several videos where you can clearly see the movement and motion of these annoying hair like worms. They are mostly clear some have black tips and they poke through clothes and are everywhere.
    I am at a loss myself.
    From Chicago area

  7. I have the same thing. I even have them in my hair.. I bought a uv flashlight/black light flashlight in the camping sec. At Walmart for like $7.oo dollars and they do illuminate bright green blue. I am currently awaiting a appt for UCSF infectious disease dept. I don’t know if I have two separate issues going on or if this is related to the roundworm or if it is the round worm. I have been diagnosed with but couldn’t tell the type of round worm it was in larve stage. To early. My personal opinion is what ever I have going on is waterborne….just guessing.

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