The Tapeworm Diet and Why It’s Problematic

The tapeworm diet is a phenomenon that took the internet and world by storm a few years ago as its absurd and unorthodox method sparked controversy. This article will explore how this diet works, and why it’s problematic.

First and foremost, we want to point out that by detailing how this diet works, we are in no way encouraging any of our readers to try this diet. These are not instructions for how to pull this diet off, but rather a caution to our readers not to do this quite frankly foolish diet. Secondly, we also want to make clear that tapeworms are parasites; when ingested, tapeworms settle in their hosts intestines and feed off the food the host consumes. At least, most of the time they do; this is something the article will go into in detail on so as to warn anyone even considering the tapeworm diet the reasons not to do it.

So, how does it work? Tapeworms are only transmitted through contact with faeces, or through the ingestion of tapeworms eggs. Hence, in order to enact this diet, one must consume a tapeworm egg. These can actually be purchased in the form of a pill which carries the egg inside; the fact that this has become a business speaks to the greediness of those wishing to profit off the weight-loss industry, knowing how gullible and/or desperate their customers can be to lose weight. Once the tapeworm has hatched, they should reside in the intestines, consuming the food that you eat, the idea thus being that one can eat whatever they please without gaining weight. The key thing to remember is that the ‘tapeworm diet’ is just a euphemism for a ‘tapeworm infection’. By ingesting this pill, one is willingly subjecting oneself to a parasitic infection, which comes with all sorts of health risks.

Being able to eat anything you want without gaining weight sounds great if everything goes perfectly, but that is not always the case. To even hope that this crazy diet might work if one ingests a tapeworm is to assume that the tapeworm will hatch inside the digestive tract. What most do not consider is that the tapeworm could potentially attach itself to other organs and areas in the body and thus cause a plethora of other health issues as they feed off the tissue in one’s body. In addition to this, regardless of where the tapeworm attaches itself, there are still symptoms that one can experience when infested with one of these parasites. Symptoms range from diarrhea and nausea, to pain and/or allergic reactions, to name just a few. We wish to stress again that this is a parasitic infection and is not something to be taken lightly. There are even cases in which a tapeworm’s actions inside the body can result in death. All of this information is expanded upon by Healthline, who provide an excellent article on the subject.

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To conclude, the tapeworm diet is not something we would ever recommend to anyone. In other words, the tapeworm diet is the willing submission to an infectious, intestinal parasite. The health risks are simply too great to consider this as a way to lose weight. Not only are these pills not sold by any pharmacies or trustworthy medical professionals, but they are also banned by The Food and Drug administration. Besides, common sense should tell one that the tapeworm diet is not a good idea.

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The Tapeworm Diet and Why It's Problematic
Article Name
The Tapeworm Diet and Why It's Problematic
The tapeworm diet is a phenomenon that took the internet and world by storm a few years ago as its absurd and unorthodox method sparked controversy. This article will explore how this diet works, and why it's problematic.

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