Tequila Worm

If you haven’t discovered this yet, the words “tequila” and “worm” don’t actually belong in the same sentence – at least not in Mexico and at least not when it comes to real tequila. Real tequila does not contain a worm and it never has. What began as a marketing ploy to sell the Mexican made alcohol called “mescal” or “mezcal,” spilled over into the world of low-quality “tequila,” prompting some American manufacturers of what is now called “cheap tequila” to add a worm. The story behind the tequila worm is this:

Some types of mescal still contain a butterfly caterpillar, but some people mistakenly believed that this “worm” contained a mind-altering drug produced by several types of cacti and peyote. The caterpillar found in some types of mescal does not contain the mind-altering drug called mescaline. But because enough people believed in the myth that the worm contained this drug, the marketing worked to sell the American versions of “tequila.”

If you’re interested in learning more about real tequila, continue reading to find out how to tell the real stuff from the fake.

What Is Real Tequila?

Most tequila available is not real tequila. To be designated real tequila, the drink can only be made from the blue agave plant and it can only be produced in five regions of Mexico, these regions are for the most part in the northwest part of the country.

If you want real tequila the bottle will say 100% agave, 100% blue agave, or something similar. Do not assume expensive tequila to be real tequila. Some distillers will put cheap tequila in a fancy bottle with nice packaging and sell it for a higher price than real tequila.

The difference in quality between real tequila and cheap tequila is major. Once you have tasted real tequila, you will probably never want to drink cheap tequila again. Someone at your local alcohol store should be able to tell you if they sell real tequila.

Tequila can be clear to light brown in color. The brown color that some types of real tequila exhibit is caused by aging in oak barrels. The longer the tequila has been aged in oak barrels, the darker the color. Dark tequila is considered premium and preferred by most people.

Cheap tequila is sometimes colored brown by an artificial method, such as adding food coloring. This is to give it the appearance of quality. However this brown color does not mean it will taste any better. Cheap tequila is cheap tequila, no matter what color it is. http://www.a1b2c3.com/drugs


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