earthworm on carpet
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Earthworm on Carpet

A couple of days ago, we received a question from a reader who found a worm on her carpet. Evidently, the worm was found alone, so it wasn’t a part of any sort of larger problem or infestation. We presume it is just an errant worm that somehow made it into our reader’s house and onto her carpet. The reader was wondering what she found, and she also asked us to pass on any information we have about the worm on her carpet.

carpet beetle larva
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How to Get Rid of Worms on Carpet Under Furniture

A reader wrote to us recently about some worms she is finding in “dark places” around her house. More specifically, she is finding the worms “in lounge, under sofa, behind sofa,” so evidently the worms have taken to hiding around or under furniture. The worms, which are about an inch long, are a cream color with brown tips, although some appear to be mostly brown, which makes them difficult to see because they are the same color as her carpet, and they are always on her carpet. The reader wants two questions answered: what are the cream and brown one-inch worms she is finding, and how can she get rid of them?