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Semicircular, Black Bugs Found on Bed and Upholstery May be Clothes Pests of Some Kind

“I am finding these tiny worm-like things in my bed and upholstery”, states this reader about the black organism pictured below. “They are semicircular and only about a quarter of an inch.”

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Clear Worms with Dark Insides Found on Bedding are Likely Flea Larvae

“Found this on my bedding”, states this reader in the Philippines regarding the clear-white organisms with dark insides pictured below. “Help please! I don’t know if I will be needing an extermination team for this.”

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Leaf-like Organisms Found on Bed Sheets May be Insect Pupae

“I find these on our bed sheets in the morning, do they have anything to do with parasites or worms? If so what can you tell me about them?” asks this reader in her submission to us. The organisms she is referring to appear to be green and flat, with a distinct line down their vertical middle, resembling leaves.

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Dark Brown Worms are Either Carpet Beetle Larvae or Millipedes

Five bugs/worms were found by this reader which are “brown to dark brown” in color. Our reader says she searched our site and read through our articles but could not find any information on what she was looking for.