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Worm-like Caterpillars in the House

A reader recently wrote to us about caterpillar-like worms entering the house, and this reader was also interested in learning about how to get rid of them. (Technically, the reader wrote to us about “catterpillow like worms” entering the house, but we’ll assume it was bad typing day.) Most of the time, worms that are like caterpillars are in fact just plain caterpillars (check out this article if you want to know the difference between caterpillars and worms), so we can assume our reader is dealing with caterpillars, but in truth it doesn’t really matter what we’re dealing with because the reader merely mentioned that some type of worm-caterpillar creature is in the house. Thus, we’ll have to confine ourselves to addressing the general question of how to get rid of worms and caterpillars in your house.