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Where to Check Your Home for Carpet Beetle Larvae

“Is this worm a carpet beetle larva worm?” asks Dawn in her submission regarding the darkly-colored worm-like creatures pictured below. “And if I only found one so far, would there be a nest or others somewhere else? Where would I look? Thank you.” To start with, we have to unfortunately point out the low resolution and bad lighting in the photographs, and why that will make it difficult for us to confirm with certainty whether or not the organisms our reader found are carpet beetle larvae. We will say that, if she finds more of these larvae in places where there are a lot of textile items, such as on her bed, a couch, in a wardrobe or closet, or on rugs or carpet, then these could be carpet beetle larvae. However, we cannot confirm this identity based solely on the photo or on the context.

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Brown-striped Worm in Bathroom is a Flatworm

“What kind of worm is this?” asks our reader, Aizen, in his submission regarding the long, brown-striped worm-like creature pictured below. “I found it in our bathroom. At first, I thought it was a tile grout that came out but upon closer inspection, it had a round head. Hope you can help and inform me if my family is in danger of parasites. Thanks!” To start with, we want to thank our reader for the excellent photo and video he sent us – they give us a really clear picture of what the organism looks like and how it moves, which helps us come to a conclusion with regard to its identity.

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Black Dot-like Organism Found in Couch, Hair and Nails; Where This Woman Can Go For Help

“These are in my couch and I’ve had them get on me,” begins this reader in her query to us. Her issue concerns organisms which “start out” as “clear circles with a black dot in the center”, which are causing symptoms and concern.

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Woman’s Home Overrun with Organisms and Strange Matter Due To Moisture Problem

“My life has been severely [and] adversely affected by these,” says this reader about the multitude of creatures she has been finding in her home. She reports finding “black hairlike creatures”, but there are clearly all kinds of critters affecting her life as seen in the array of photos she sent in.

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3 Worms Which Would be Terrifying to Find in Your Home

Although most would argue that no species of worm is wanted in the home, there are some that are particularly scary to find in your home. This article will provide some examples of worms which would be a nightmare to find in your home, which we hope none of our readers will discover in their own homes.