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A Brief Overview of the Ways in Which Worms Affect Humans

“Do they affect humans in any way?” asks this reader about a mystery worm or creature that is left unnamed. “Will they crawl into your mouth or ears?”

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Organisms of Various Appearances Infest this Woman’s Hair, Bed and Clothes

“I have these all over my house,” says this reader about the organisms pictured in a series of photographs. The organisms in question vary in appearance from something that resembles a stick, to an angry, red mass floating in water.

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Bristled, Striped Creature May be Disfigured Carpet Beetle Larva, or Something Else Entirely

“Is it dangerous?” asks our reader, who sent in these photographs of a creature he found in his house which he is unable to identify. He wants to know if the presence of the creature will bring any harm, and how he may get rid of it.

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Two Species of Whitish Worms Found in Bedroom are Clothes Moth Larvae and Possibly Flea Larvae

What seems like two different worms have been turning up consistently for over a month in the bedroom of this reader in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and she wonders if we can help identify them for her. From the pictures provided and the descriptions given by our reader, we know that one worm is an off-white color and around 1/5-inches in length, and the other is completely translucent in color and 3/4-inches.