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Yellow Worm with Many Legs Found in Pool is a Centipede

“Found this in my pool this morning”, states this reader concerning the yellow creature below. The organism in question has antennae, a brown head, and multiple legs running the length of its body.

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Yellow-brown, Segmented Worms Found in Pool are Mealworms or Wireworms

“We started seeing an infestation of dead worms/worm-like creatures around the edge of part of the pool,” reports this reader in a small town outside Sacramento, California. The worms in question appear to have segmented, yellowish bodies, and have small legs protruding from one end of their bodies.

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Reddish-pink Worms Found in Pool are Either Earthworms or Tubifex Worms

“Not sure what these worms are that I found in my pool after heavy rain,” states this reader in Florence, South Carolina. The worms in question appear to be a pinkish-red color, and are 1-2-inches in length and very thin, according to our reader.

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What To Do About Worms Climbing Up Your Pool Walls

“It is currently winter here in Adelaide, Australia and we are now finding worms climbing up the two walls and dying,” states this reader, referring to the brick walls in the pictures below that flank her swimming pool. Our reader wonders how she can prevent the worms from climbing over the planter box and up the walls.

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Noodle-Like Gray Worms in Swimming Pool May Be Roundworms

“I just found these after vacuuming my pool” says this reader about a tangle of gray worms pictured below in the photograph our reader sent us. “They are quite long and active” and are “at least two inches” in length. “What are they?” our reader asks.