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Translucent Organism Found in Dentures Causes Parasite Concerns

“Can someone please help to identify this parasite”, asks this reader about the tiny, translucent object pictured below. “I dug it out of a burrow on my top denture. I tested negative for parasites a year ago but I know the doctor missed it. I now have the actual parasite you see in this picture. After rinsing peroxide these S-shaped scars appeared on my cheek. Please help.” Straight off, we have to tell our reader that we will not be able to help in the way that he wants us to. We cannot identify parasites because they always pose a medical concern, and in any situation where an organism is affecting someone’s health, we cannot identify that given organism. Doing so would be tantamount to diagnosing the problem, and only a medical professional is qualified and legally able to do so, which we are not.

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Multitude of Creatures Found in Nose and Mouth Leaves Woman Searching for Answers

“I have been dealing with these things in my nose and in my mouth above my dentures”, states this reader in Northeast Florida. “Please tell me what they are”, she requests, asking about the multitude of organisms pictured below.

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Woman Spits Out What Appears to Be a Centipede

“Can millipedes/centipedes survive in the human body?!” exclaims this reader in her submission. She asks with regard to the centipede-like creature she happened to spit out when brushing her teeth.

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Man Baffled After Finding Maggot-like Worms on His Toothbrush

“Are these maggots?” asks this reader about the worm-like organisms he found on his toothbrush. The creatures appear to be very small, with thin, white, nondescript bodies that appear to be legless.