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Tiny Pink Worms in Bathtub are Baby Earthworms

“I have read articles on your website regarding this but I don’t think they had exactly what I’m looking for”, writes Julia in her submission, in which she sends the photo of the pink, worm-like creature pictured below. “And if I see one more worm in my bathtub, I might actually move apartments. Well, that’s an exaggeration, but please help. First time this happened was right after a shower. Of course, it’s humid and the bathtub is the perfect breeding ground for many bugs, but this one showed up out of nowhere and it completely startled me. They’re very small, even smaller than my pinky finger, and look black in the photo but actually seem to have a translucent pink exterior and black interior? If that makes sense.”

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Man Worries About the Flies He Thinks are Breeding Inside Him: Medical Consultation is Advised

“I think small black flies are breeding in me” starts this reader in his submission concerning the small, gray-black organisms photographed on his bathtub ledge. He asks what these are, and specifically if they are larvae or pieces of grass.

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Little Tiny Black Worms in Bathtub are Drain Fly Larvae

“We found these little tiny black worms in our bathtub and was wondering what they are,” states this reader in his submission. From the pictures he sent us, we can see that the worms look more brown than they do black, with horizontal stripes running along their bodies and dark tips at either end.