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The Key to Breeding White Worms (Pot Worms)

A worm breeder in Ashford, Kent, England contacted us about a problem he has been having with breeding white worms, otherwise known as pot worms. Despite experiencing rapid growth initially, the white worms quickly “crashed” after a while, and our reader hopes we can clarify for him what he could be doing to keep the breeding consistent, and efficient.

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Tiger Worms in Compost Pose no Risk to Garden Wildlife

Recently, we received a question from a woman who had a waterlogged wormery. She threw the entire contents into the compost bin and now she finds that her compost includes big, happy, healthy composting worms in it. She suspects that the composting worms are tiger worms. This is probably correct, since tiger worms (Eisenia fetida, also known as red wrigglers) are often used in wormeries. They’re great little composters.