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Clear, Thread-like Worms Coming from Faucet After Water Main Break

“I am very worried: there’s a water boiler alert in Miami Beach and here is what I find in my bathroom faucet running water,” writes Elodie in her submission regarding the thin objects pictured below. Right off the bat, we have to tell Elodie that we will not be able to provide a confident or accurate identification, due to the near-microscopic nature of these organisms. From the pictures alone, which are not too clear to begin with, we cannot see any identifying information about these organisms other than that they are thin and long – hairlike. We would not even be able to confirm if they actually are organisms or not, and Elodie does not necessarily state that she is confident about this either.

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Can Carpet Beetle Larvae Live On a Human Host?

“Can carpet beetle larvae live on a human host?” asks this reader in his submission. He has had problems with sores on his head, ears, face and neck, which last approximately three months.